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Part of our mission here at Godleaf is to promote the responsible use of cannabis, educate individuals about its benefits and aid in the research and study of its potential.  We do our best to work with many reputable entities in the cannabis industry that share a similar calling, but we wanted to do more. 

There are many wonderful non-profits out there that do great work with cannabis-- whether it is to push for legal progress, new research, rehabilitation or anything else.  We wanted to do our part and leverage some of our skills and resources to help a cause that we feel is incredibly important.

We're backing the Weed for Warriors Project.

This organization helps veterans access information about cannabis treatment, fellowship with other vets and access legal cannabis free of charge. This new tee shirt is a small way that we can offer our support.  All proceeds from the sales will be donated to WFW Project to help them continue their work.

Healer Collaborative Tee Shirt

On a personal level

Although we don't have any service members on our small team, we all have close family and friends who have served (or are serving). These relationships are part of what caused us to start Goldleaf in the first place and helped us establish our goals. We've seen what PTSD is like first hand, we've seen what chronic pain is like on a veteran and we see the merits of what WFW Project offers. 

Furthermore, our company is based in Ohio and our state struggles more than most with the opioid crisis.  I've stepped over needles in my own community and have spoken with EMTs who have had to use Narcan on the same OD victim for days in a row.  We think cannabis therapy has real potential to help those who suffer from chronic pain and addiction, and want to help where we can.

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