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Fred T
Invaluable to me...

For me, this journal helped my caregivers and I to discover that what I thought was physical pain was in fact a part of an anxiety disorder. I find it amazing that with all the health professionals I have seen in my life using this journal helped point the way to getting help for a 45 year old problem in months.
What started as cannabis use for pain relief changed purpose and the amazing reference at the front of the book helped with discovering help for anxiety, sleep problems and social anxiety.
Without this incredible tool I might still be struggling trying to fix symptoms rather than getting help for the root cause.

Thanks for the review Fred! We are so glad you are finding the Patient Journal useful in your personal health journey. Be well!

Ralph Maclintaugh

Dear Goldleaf, I wanted to write to say thank you for creating such a helpful tool. I'm dealing with severe pain and my doctor recommended I try marijuana and a journal. At first I didn't know why, but after tracking my "usage" for a couple days, I understood. It has made me feel much more comfortable with the whole thing and that is worth more than you could know. Keep up the good work.

Reggie Skalamuchi
Great for my father!

My dad is a classic 'baby boomer' who grew up with a firm dislike of cannabis. However, he's had some back surgey and pain for a long time. To his surprise, his doc recommended medical marijuana. He came to me to gripe and I bought him this book. He loves it and is now a hilarious advocate of medical weed. His understanding is growing, but he's got a long way to go! The education contained here is great for first-timers or anyone who wants to know what is 'happening in the body'. Highly recommend. Thanks!

Mom's Gift

Very helpful for my mom. She just started medical cannabis treatment, and being a baby boomer, had some bad information on the subject. The journal helped re-educate and make her feel comfortable with her important treatment.

Ellen Ralphus
This saved my week

I wanted to write a review for this wondurful book. It really helped me figure out my dosing and what cannabinoids worked for me. My doctor recommended this and i'm so thankful she did. I learned that CBGs are particularly useful, and I should up my doses on the second time I take my medice in the day, otherwise, it wears off too quickly. Thanks for making a great product.

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