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8 Amazing Cannabis-Based Home Decor Gift Ideas for the New Year

  • by Alfonso Colasuonno

The holidays are approaching and a new year awaits us. We all know what that means: it’s time to scramble to pick up gifts for our loved ones.

We’ll make this season easy for you so that you can cut down on the unnecessary stress. The items on our list of cool gift ideas are sure to delight your favorite cannabis enthusiasts and spruce up their homes.

Kota Designs - Cannabis Inspired Pillow

Kôta Supply - @kotasupply

Gift Idea: Floral Bouquet Decorative Pillow

Do you want a gift that’s classy and comfy at the same time? Look no further than the Floral Bouquet decorative pillow from Kôta Supply. We love that the floral design is printed on high-quality hemp fabric. Beware, though: these pillows will not be restocked when they sell out, so get yours today!

Gestalten Coffee Table Book

gestalten - @gestalten

Gift Idea: High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture

This gift is an excellent choice for those who have embraced the cannabis space’s bleeding edge. High on Design is a smart coffee table book that showcases the new brands, designs, and creators behind today’s cannabis revolution. It also shares a profound view of the phenomenon as it relates to politics, history, legalization, and society.

Artificial Cannabis Plant Decor

Pot Plant -

Gift Idea: Artificial Cannabis House Plants

If growing your own cannabis is not quite legal in your loved one’s state yet, then consider gifting them an artificial cannabis house plant. Not only do Pot Plant’s selections look strikingly similar to the real thing, but they offer a variety of options. You can purchase a 10” clone, 16” teen, 22” adult, or 36” mother in either a white or black pot for as little as $25.

Body positive candles

Love Handles Candles - @lovehandlescandles

Gift Idea: Body Positive Candles

We know that beauty comes in all sizes. But did you know that candles do too? Love Handles Candles’ line of body positive candles—many of which are inspired by ancient goddesses and gods—not only light up a room, but are sure to make a powerful statement. Pick up one (or more) to give a chic, upscale, and bold gift for the holidays.

Recycled Potters

Kanso Designs - @kansodesigns

Gift Idea: Minimalist Planter Pots Made From Recycled Materials

Our planet is in the midst of an environmental crisis of epic proportions. We all ought to do our part to be the change we want to see in our world. And one way to do that is to support companies committed to sustainability. Kanso Designs’ planter pots are made of recycled and natural materials. And if you think being environmentally conscious means skimping on aesthetics, think again; these planter pots look incredible.

Witch in the Woods Hand Sanitizer

Witch in the Woods Botanicals - @witch_in_the_woods

Gift Idea: Fresh & Clean Herbal Sanitizer

Enhance your family’s protection against COVID-19 with Witch in the Woods’ herbal sanitizer. It’s made with a 65% grain alcohol base alongside witch hazel, lavender, and locally extracted propolis to lend antibacterial and antimicrobial power to this sanitizing spray. This gift can be used safely on the hands and body as well as on hard surfaces and most fabrics.

Hemp rugs

Serena & Lily - @serenaandlily

Gift Idea: Modern Hemp Rugs

These rugs from Serena & Lily are all gorgeous, minimalistic, sustainable, and crafted with the utmost of care. They come in an assortment of sizes to add that special touch to any location. Be part of the hemp revolution by supporting this forward-thinking business!

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