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Our mission is to make the complex more approachable—beautiful, even.

With all of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the cannabis conversation, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. Goldleaf exists to bring a clear and credible perspective by pairing compelling design with the latest peer-reviewed research. 

What We Do

Guided Journals

Templated and educational notebooks for cannabis patients, growers and enthusiasts.

Infographics / Artwork

Elegant and educational prints & decor on various topics surrounding cannabis.

Custom Shop / Design Studio

Work with our design team to white-label or customize existing items. Learn More.


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Cannabis Expertise - Refined Cannabis Journals - Goldleaf

Cannabis Expertise

As a trusted authority in the realm of cannabis research, we cite only the most respected experts in our work. Cannabis research is evolving quickly, which is why we often create in small batches—to stay in step with current findings. We’re also dedicated to quality craftsmanship and sourcing—using FSC certified stocks and non-toxic ink for our printed goods.

Our hope is that by elevating a more thoughtful, educated, and eye-catching perspective, we might shift the conversation towards a more holistic future. If you'd like to know more, contact the team. Read the legal disclaimer here.

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Based in Cincinnati, OH
Est. 2016

We care deeply about the quality and footprint of our products. We work to source our wares as close to home as possible and many items are crafted regionally in the midwest. We also strive to utilize the most environmentally friendly materials and processes available within our industry. In addition to our carefully sourced stocks, we ship via carbon offset methods.

Goldleaf is proud to support and partner with the following charities: Project Sanctuary, Last Prisoner Project, Wildland Firefighter Foundation and PBS.

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"Goldleaf inspires both the patient and connoisseur to create a deeper more meaningful relationship with cannabis and a more concise, detailed, highly personal, handwritten experience ensues."  Forbes

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