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Affiliate Program

Become a Goldleaf Affiliate

Become a Goldleaf Affiliate

Share Goldleaf with your audience and earn commissions on sales from traffic you send us through your own custom link.

You can also access your commissions via unique discount codes you can share with your following. Offer something exclusive and special to your audience.

Here's How It Works

1. Fill out this form, tell us what PayPal account you'd like commissions deposited (it's automatic!)

2. We'll review your details, and once approved we'll send you a welcome kit, complete with your unique URL and discount codes.

3. Share Goldleaf with your audience and start earning commissions


Common Questions, a peek under the hood

How long is the URL Cookie?

We give you a 30-day cookie. That means, anyone who uses your link and comes back to the site to purchase within 30 days will be YOUR sale.

What are the commissions?

We start you with a 20% commission. This is 20% of the order sub-total (before tax and shipping). If your customer used the discount code, we split the commission with you (e.g. 10% discount code gets you a 10% commission). For reference, Amazon's affiliate commission is between 1-8%.

Do I need both a discount code and the URL to earn commissions?

Nope! Either one will do. Discount codes are very portable (good for printing on cards and handing out for example), while URLs are great for links.

Do you offer product samples to affiliates?

We'll talk about this at length in the "welcome kit," but in shortwe do! We know that seeing and interacting with the products is a huge part of endorsing something, so we work to make it easy for you.