Goldleaf Stockists and Resellers

We love our retail partners, here is a list of some of our resellers:


Amazon USA


The Apothecarium
San Francisco, CA


Aster Farms
Lake County, CA


Constance Therapeutics
San Francisco, CA


Cornerstone Collective
Eagle Ridge, CA


Elevate Jane
Pasadena, CA


Humboldt Legends
Humboldt Co, CA


Sweet Green Apothecary
Arroyo Grande, CA


Various Locations, CO


Blue Point Wellness
Branford, CT


Noa Botanicals
Honolulu, HI


Chicago, IL


Little Birdy Inc.
St. Mclean, IL


Portland, OR


Bridge City Collective
Portland, OR


Ladies of Paradise
Portland, OR


Abilene Cannabis
Lakeside, MT


Kannabis Works
Santa Ana, CA


High Grade Organics
Bend, OR


Moss Crossing
Eugene, OR


River Valley Remedies
Eugene, OR


Substance Market
Bend, OR


Alt Pharm
Laurel, MA


Patriot Care
Lowell, MA


Wicked Chronic
Natick, MA


Buddery Bakes
Pasadena, MD


Baltimore, MD


Hippocratic Growth
Chestertown, MD


Pure Life
Baltimore, MD


Rooted Lyfe
West Gardiner, ME


The Herbal Eye
Rockford, MI


Pure Options
Lansing, MI


Cleveland Cannabis College
Cleveland, OH


Greene Fox
Cockeysville, MD


Keystone Shops
Devon, PA


Harvest Inc
Scottsdale, AZ


Green Harvest Solutions
West Gardiner, ME






Amazon Canada


Not A Coffee Shop


Doja Cannabis
British Columbia


British Columbia


Birch & Fog
British Columbia


Green Relief


Pretty Lit


Delta 9 Cannabis Clinic


Green Corner
New Brunswick


Rest Of World

Get Hempified
Grasstree Beach, QLD, Australia



Pot Head Coffee
United Kingdom



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