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Artist Profile: An Interview with John Vogl

  • by Alfonso Colasuonno

We recently sat down with John Vogl, designer of Goldleaf’s Northern California and Ohio travel prints, to learn more about his art. John is a Minneapolis-based illustrator who balances an array of commercial, gallery, and self-published projects. Some of his previous clients include Target, AARP, Mountain Dew, and New Belgium Brewing.

Goldleaf Northern California Cannabis Poster - Art by John Vogl

Q: Could you share a bit about your background with our readers?

A: I am a freelance illustrator living in Minneapolis, MN. My career started at a couple of small design firms in St. Louis, eventually blossoming into freelance full-time. Initially much of my work focused on concert posters for nationally touring bands, and it has continued to grow into package, print, and editorial illustration, along with a continuing slew of self-released screen prints.

Q: How would you describe your illustration style?

A: My work is a mix of traditional and digital illustration with a focus on evocative detail and a graphic sensibility.

Q: How does living in Minnesota impact your art?

A: I’ve been in Minnesota about five months now, so still acclimating, but wherever I live impacts my work. I like taking walks, and often find inspiration in my surroundings. It can be anything I stumble across, it’s strange how the tiniest thing can spark an idea.

Q: What is one of your favorite pieces that you've done?

A: I guess right now it would be this print I released earlier this year, “93 Dogs.” That’s pretty much exactly what it is. It started as a distraction and grew into a large puzzle-like print. It was oddly satisfying and has sparked some other ideas for me to pursue.

Q: What drew you to work with us? What was your favorite part about collaborating with us on our 'travel series' pieces for Ohio and Northern California?

A: Learning about cannabis! I didn’t know much about its history, or that it had its roots in so many locations. That and the Goldleaf aesthetic was already beautiful and very well established. There’s a lot of sameness in cannabis art and design out there, I like how Goldleaf is elevating their presentation.

Q: What are your thoughts on cannabis?

A: All for it! I’m an occasional user, but I’ve found benefits in dealing with sleep, anxiety, and depression. If anyone else is able to find helpful benefits in their life from cannabis, I’m on board.

Visit the Goldleaf x John Vogl Northern California print in our Travel Series

Visit the Goldleaf x John Vogl Ohio print in our Travel Series

To learn more about John Vogl, check out his website or Instagram. You can also read about our other artist collaborations for this series with Eugenia Mello and Nicholas Moegly.

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