Beneficial Insects: Heroes of the Cannabis Garden

Everyone who has a garden (of cannabis or otherwise) has dealt with pests. Maybe they didn't sink the ship, but they probably caused some strife. These little troublemakers have a proclivity for messing up crops and spreading like crazy if you aren't carefulit doesn't matter if you grow in a greenhouse, outdoors, or inside, they will find you.

There are plenty of options out there for pest control. Many are not all that safe. Some are safe, but not all that effective (I'm looking at you oregano oil, white vinegar, and distilled water!). There is a surefire way to tackle the problem if you understand biology: enter beneficial insects. These are simply bugs that eat other bugs. We call them beneficial because they eat the bugs we don't like and leave our crops alone. But in truth, all these insects are doing is what is simply in their nature; and by knowing their nature, we can utilize them with great success.

Beneficial Insects infographic print by Goldleaf

Beneficial insects are the cheapest, safest, and in many ways the most effective method of pest control and preventionand they are organic. Leave your pest problem behind and give beneficial insects a try!

Did you know that Goldleaf created a "Beneficial Insects" print to give voice to these little allies? It features twelve beautifully illustrated (and commercially available) beneficial insects for your garden, each with a general list of pests that they help to control.

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