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How Customized Journals Benefited Mountaintop Extracts and Papa & Barkley

  • by Charles McElroy
The cannabis landscape is changing. In recent years, restrictions on cannabis use have been eliminated to a greater or lesser extent in most parts of the country. With the rolling back of these draconian regulations, a vibrant sector of cannabis and cannabis-adjacent brands has emerged.

What separates cannabusinesses that thrive in this new marketplace from those with more middling results?

Naturally, the success of your business depends on many factors. However, three essentials can’t be ignored:

  • Your products must be high-quality.
  • Your brand needs to be perceived as credible.
  • You need to attract and retain customers.
The first point is easiest to satisfy for most cannabis entrepreneurs; you wouldn’t have entered the cannabis space if you didn’t believe in the quality of your products. The other two points can be quite a bit trickier to handle on your own. Fortunately, we have a solution to help with those two issues: leveraging our scientific authority through custom-branded versions of our unique and acclaimed journals.

Mountaintop Extracts

Jen and Eric Merryman built Mountaintop Extracts with a focus on normalizing cannabis and educating patients. These core values, coupled with the quality of their extractions and formulations, led Jen and Eric to quickly establish a major presence within New Mexico’s budding cannabis industry. However, one problem soon became apparent: patients and staff at the dispensaries where they shipped their products didn’t always understand the science behind cannabis or how best to use cannabis medicine.

Determined to remain true to their values and skeptical of the expensive and mass-produced bulk options from big box stores, Jen and Eric decided to create their own customized journals as a giveaway for the dispensaries that stocked their products. They understood that budtending was a position with high turnover rates, and many budtenders were simply too “green” to properly inform their patients about how best to use cannabis medicine. Their journals would help solve this challenge.

While Jen and Eric had noble intentions, they soon ran into an assortment of logistical challenges. They learned it would be costly, not to mention time-consuming, to onboard a whole new team of designers, researchers, and writers to complete their project.

Fortunately, Jen and Eric heard about Goldleaf from a friend, and decided to scrap their original plan in favor of ordering customized versions of our Patient Journal. We met their exact specifications, including a special navy recycled cover stock, Mountaintop Extracts’ branding on the front and back cover in gold foil, a custom-designed color-printed belly band, and customized entry pages and infographics to better fit their product line.

What were the results?

  • Jen and Eric didn’t have to reinvent the wheel or break the bank to produce top-notch journals.
  • The low cost of this giveaway paid for itself in repeat business and new brand awareness.
  • Budtenders with minimal industry experience could now lean on verified scientific research to inform their patients.
  • Patients could experiment with treatment dosages and other variables in a clean and organized fashion to find courses of cannabis therapy that fully met their needs. 

Mountaintop Extracts x Goldleaf Journal

Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley is an award-winning cannabusiness known for their topicals, ingestibles, and transdermal cannabis medicine. When founder and CEO Adam Grossman decided to launch Papa’s Select, a new sub-company centered on artisanal cannabis extracts, he turned to Goldleaf for a memorable premium product to help build awareness of this new line.

Already a fan of the Goldleaf brand and aware of our global reach and emphasis on providing the best in social support, Grossman reached out to order a customized white-label version of the Cannabis Taster journals as a giveaway to win new customers to Papa’s Select. Our talented team of designers ensured we met his requirements to a T, including a specialty flat black cover stock, gold foil branding on the front and back, and a custom-designed belly band with his order.

What were the results?

  • Gifting these customized journals ensured that the Papa’s Select brand remained etched in customers and prospects’ minds.
  • The low cost of this giveaway paid for itself in new customers and repeat business.
  • Customers were able to document the specific nature of their experiences with Papa’s Select extracts.
  • As a proven winner, Papa & Barkley continues to promote these custom journals at trade shows, offering them a prominent setup at their booths. 

Papa and Barkley x Goldleaf Journal


Investing in an order of our custom journals is an affordable way to educate customers and staff, build awareness of new products, and represent your brand in a customized and aesthetically stunning fashion (not to mention they’re great for last-minute upsells and near register displays). Interested in learning more? Contact us with information on your custom project request and we will be in touch as soon as possible with a quote that’s affordable for nearly any budget. We look forward to working with you!


Charles McElroy
Chief Creative & Founding Partner, Goldleaf

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