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How To Hang Your Print Using The Wooden Hanging Rails

  • by Charles McElroy

We wanted an elegant and sturdy hanging option to pair with our art prints. They deserve nothing less. Although a classic frame is always a good choice, finding the right size and look can be a challenge and is often very expensive. We developed our hardwood hanging rails to be a minimalist and beautiful display alternative. They are handmade from American hardwoods, milled and assembled in the USA, and packaged safely in recycled materials.  

Hanging your print is a breeze too. Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Open your box and remove the two assembled rails and hanging cord.  It is best if you find a big flat surface to work, like a table or floor free from any debris.

2. Place your print down flat. Next, place the rails with the cord (top set) by the top of the print and the set without the cord on the bottom.

3. Using a coin or flathead screwdriver, loosen each of the four brass screws enough to slide in the print between the wooden slats.

4. Position the print to be flush up against the screws and even on each side, then tighten the screws "sandwiching" the print in between. Repeat for the other rail set. Careful not to over-torque the screws or you risk damaging your print. You just need them to be lightly tightened so the print doesn't slip.**

5. Now that your print is in place, decide how long you'd like the hanging cord. This is purely up to you ⁠—some people like it very long, others like it short. Once you decide, tie the ends together behind the print.

6. Place a nail or screw (not provided) onto your wall at the desired height and hang the wooden rail assemble in place on your wall. Feel free to make tweaks to the length of your cord until it is just right.

**It is helpful to lightly tighten each screw a little at a time. Once the print is lightly secured between both rails, you can go back and tighten each screw a little more. This will help avoid crinkling and ensure there is an even amount of force all around. We are not able to replace damaged prints due to mistakes in this process.

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