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New Edition: Goldleaf x Habu Health

  • by Charles McElroy

Cannabis science and medical research are changing fast. At Goldleaf, we do our best to pack our journals with the latest data and information available. This is one reason why we produce our journals in small batches, so we can stay on the bleeding edge of science and continually update and improve our products so they can be of better use to the community.

In this spirit, we are thrilled to announce a recent collaboration with Habu Health on the latest edition of The Patient Journal.

Habu is a non-profit research organization dedicated to improving patients experience with cannabis through the scientific method and results-based findings. They are focused on making medical cannabis more predictable, reliable, and consistent for patients, something sorely needed in the current medical climate.

Goldleaf x Habu Health

The new journal version features an improved recommendations section, focusing on the chemical makeup of cannabis rather than a branded cultivar name. The fact is, any given cultivar can be wildly different from state-to-state, grower-to-grower, and so on. One thing you can rely on however is the unique chemical cocktail that a cultivar holds. By focusing on the building blocks (rather than the name), we're able to better advise people where to start for a certain ailment, based on our current understandings of the endocannabinoid system and the compounds found in cannabis.

Goldleaf x Habu Health - Ailment Guide

The new version also features a guided spread with simple steps on how best to find the cultivar right for you, some new artwork from Nathan Maggard, and a PSA explaining the Sativa v. Indica myth. The core entry sections and other infographics have not changed from the previous edition.

Have a look at the new Patient Journal here.



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