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Pen & Paper vs. Apps

  • by Charles McElroy

We are firm believers in the value of a physical journal for documenting data and recording information. Not only in day-to-day living, but when you are in the midst of research and development too.

While we're not alone in this belief, there is some hard science on the benefits of writing out your entries as opposed to using an app or keyboard to enter information. When you physically write down words or numbers, your mind is more apt to remember that information and store it for future use. Additionally, your mind will continue to process that information in the subconscious. This is a long-time documented method for learning and we think it makes total sense to utilize this with something you are passionate about: growing cannabis, brewing beer, distilling spirits, or documenting your health.

As far as cultivation, brewing, and other crafts are concerned, there are additional benefits to a pen and paper approach. For starters, the environment isn't always ideal for a tablet or smartphone. There is often dirt, grime, and moisture present in the environment and you will likely be getting your hands dirty (and who wants to operate a touch screen with grimy hands?). Furthermore, it is very difficult to see a screen under HID lighting (the high-intensity fixtures common in grow spaces) as any grower can attest.

This is one reason why we focus on creating intuitive and functional journals rather than appsthe tactile experience can't be beat, and that alone will help you improve your craft.

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