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Sex on Cannabis: A Pleasure Study

  • by Alfonso Colasuonno


Here’s an icebreaker for your next office Zoom party: Sex, cannabis, or rock and roll?

I know what my answer would be—sex on cannabis. Apparently, I’m hardly in the minority in terms of thinking how well the two pair.

Goldleaf recently teamed up once more with Sophie Saint Thomas, one of our amazing collaborators on The Intimacy Journal, to conduct a survey about how people integrate cannabis into their intimate lives. We surveyed 200 sexually-active cannabis users, encompassing a wide variety of sexualities, gender identities, and sexual proclivities, to find out people’s preferences when using cannabis in intimate situations.

 How we use cannabis with sex - Intimacy Study Results - Goldleaf

Choice of Intake Methods

Why We Use Cannabis with Sex Study - Intake Method - Goldleaf

Do you remember the days when most of us had only four options when we wished to enjoy cannabis, those being joints, blunts, pipes, and bongs?

It seems like many of us do remember those days quite fondly, as smoking cannabis was found to be the most reported intake method; 34% of respondents listed it as their favorite way to consume cannabis in sexual settings.

Edibles weren’t far behind. 25% of respondents said that ingesting cannabis-infused drinks and food gets them in the mood.

Vaping is also highly popular in this respect. 19% of those surveyed reported that it was their ideal way to pair cannabis with sex.

There was a great diversity within people’s choice of intake methods, with 8% listing dabs, 7% topicals or lubes, 6% sublingual products, and 1% mucosal products as their ideal intake method.

Optimal Dose Strength

Strength Preferences

When it comes to dose strength, our survey respondents appear to live by the old adage of go hard or go home. Just not too hard, at least for the plurality of 35% of those surveyed who are excited by a medium-high dose of cannabis during their intimate encounters.

27% of respondents like a good amount of cannabis to feel elevated, but not too much to overpower, choosing a medium dose as the best match for their sex lives.

19% love to be up in the clouds, taking extremely high doses of cannabis when having sex. 12% of respondents still like to push their limits, just not totally to the brink, with 12% choosing a high dose of cannabis.

6% of those surveyed said they prefer to have low doses of cannabis before sexual activity. An even smaller number of respondents, only 2%, said they microdose cannabis in intimate contexts.

Location Is Everything

Why We Use Cannabis with Sex Study - Location - Goldleaf

There’s literally no place like home when it comes to pairing sex with cannabis.

A whopping 82% of respondents told us that their home is their favorite location to mix cannabis and lovemaking.

Agreement from these respondents in regards to the best place to do the nasty inside their home did differ. 44% prefer the tried-and-true comfort of their bedroom, while 38% prefer somewhere else inside their home.

The other 18% of respondents were pretty evenly divided on their number one place to combine cannabis with sex. 6% said that they like the outdoors. Another 6% said that they enjoy their elevated sexual experiences in someone else’s home. 3% find it thrilling to get high and get busy in a hotel room. 2% love the close confines of a bathroom for these experiences. 1%, perhaps the friskiest of all surveyed, enjoyed dosing cannabis and making love in public.

The Reason Why

Why We Use Cannabis with Sex Study - Results - Goldleaf

Most of us would agree that cannabis is pretty awesome. Most of us would also agree that sex is pretty awesome (and with the right partner or partners, that becomes a huge understatement). But pairing two great things doesn’t always work out well (and if you don’t believe me, try pairing bourbon with waterparks).

However, cannabis and sex blend together like a match made in heaven for most people, and our survey results bear this out.

An astounding 35% of respondents said that they use cannabis because it leads to greater sexual pleasure.

If you feel a little distant from your partner or partners and wish to change that, you may want to give cannabis a try. 18% of those surveyed report that cannabis leads to greater intimacy and connection with their sexual partners.

Do life’s stresses sometimes get in the way of you enjoying sex to the fullest? If so, try integrating cannabis into your lovelife. 15% of people surveyed reported that they use cannabis with sex to help relax and another 13% said that they use cannabis with sex to reduce anxiety.

Our survey found a wealth of other beneficial results from this unicorn of a pairing. 9% told us that they have better orgasms with cannabis. 5% stated that cannabis raises their libido. Another 5% said that cannabis leads to improved sexual performance.


The results speak for themselves: Cannabis and sex are a dynamic duo.

And if you’re new to this perfect match (or looking for even better times if you’re already experienced), we highly recommend that you get one of our nifty Intimacy Journals.

Want to learn more about the interplay between cannabis and sex? Check out these interviews with our expert collaborators on The Intimacy Journal:

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Photo by: @emilyeizen


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