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Stuff We Like: Connect by Confident Cannabis

  • by Alfonso Colasuonno

Do you always end up choosing the same meal every time you order from a restaurant?

What about when you pick up a book or watch a film? Do you always decide on the same authors or directors?

And how about when you visit your local dispensary? Are you always coming home with the same cultivar or product?

Perhaps it might be time to switch things up.

Maybe you’ve used one of our Patient Journals and it led you to find a cannabis cultivar that provides relief for your medical symptoms and gives you an enjoyable experience. You know it’s far from the only cultivar out there, but you also don’t want to blindly try a new product that may not match what you need.

For example, if you typically acquire an indica-dominant cultivar like Grape Ape, then perhaps switching to a sativa-dominant cultivar like Sour Diesel wouldn’t exactly be the best fit. You may want a new cannabis experience, but you want it to still be close enough to what you already enjoy.

If this sentiment rings true, then you should try Confident Cannabis’ free web app Connect.

Confident Cannabis’ mission is to document the chemical makeup of as many different cultivars as possible, with the goal of transparency for users. When you use Connect, you can analyze the molecular profiles of various cultivars and observe how they are different. This makes it easy for you to find genetically-similar cultivars. Now, should you so desire, your next trip to the dispensary can be far more of an adventure (albeit one within acceptable bounds).

Another excellent aspect of Confident Cannabis’ web app is that it analyzes cannabis exclusively on lab results. With the steady erosion of cannabis prohibition, consumers will soon be subject to marketing ploys designed to steer people to particular cannabis products. To some extent, this is already happening. Confident Cannabis’ web app removes all that “noise” with its strict focus on the science.

Connect by Confident Cannabis | Goldleaf

Connect provides detailed information on the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of each cultivar, allowing you to verify if a particular compound is in ample supply. It also allows you to search by grow style. What’s intriguing about that feature is that you may find strong correlations between high amounts of certain terpenes or cannabinoids and certain grow styles. One other useful element of Confident Cannabis’ web app is that you can limit the results to certain states (e.g. Arizona, Michigan, Washington) for more localized results.

If you’re open to exploring new cultivars, we strongly recommend a winning combination of digital and analog. Give Connect by Confident Cannabis a try and pair it with a Patient Journal. Good luck in finding your new favorite cultivar!

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