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Stuff We Like: Higher Etiquette

  • by Hannah Reed

Have you ever wondered if there’s a polite way to give cannabis as a gift? Or the best way to let your guests know that it’s welcome in your home? Or maybe you’ve been curious about the distinction between different cultivars and how digesting cannabis differs from inhaling it? Lizzie Post can clear that up.

Lizzie Post's Higher Etiquette

Lizzie is the great, great, granddaughter of the famed queen of courtesy - Emily Post. She is also the co-president of America’s most-respected etiquette brand, the Emily Post Institute, and has been carrying the inherited etiquette torch as a spokesperson and author for about a decade. Her most recent project: stripping the stigma that surrounds cannabis in her latest book Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties.

As legalization increases, so does the need for education surrounding how to be a respectful, responsible, and thoughtful cannabis consumer. That’s exactly what Lizzie hopes Higher Etiquette helps to achieve. And it’s no surprise that the project’s high design integrity, effort to normalize cannabis culture, and elevate the conversation surrounding it piqued Goldleaf’s interest. We were thrilled to be able to contribute some of our own research as a resource.

 Higher Etiquette Book by Lizzie Post

Post defines etiquette as a behavior that affects more than one person. And being a concept that can be applied to most things, cannabis culture is certainly no exception. She says she doesn’t see much difference between discussing the manners of sharing a meal versus sharing cannabis, as they are both “inherently social activities.”

She uses the book to answer common questions about integrating cannabis into a variety of situations and combines established cannabis practices with traditional etiquette principles - focusing on respect, generosity, gratitude, and sharing.

You can learn more about Lizzie Post and Higher Etiquette on the book’s website or Lizzie’s Instagram

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