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Stuff We Like: PrestoDoctor

  • by Alexis Canary

We're always keeping our finger on the pulse of innovation in the cannabis industry, and like to share some cool ideas and companies that we comes across. Besides education, another common challenge in the medical cannabis industry is access. We love to see creative ways to deal with these types of hurdles, and were lucky enough to talk with the team at PrestoDoctor about their platform and services. We think what they do is pretty great and we love that they are not tied down to only one state. Here's some highlights from our conversation: 

I recently read that PrestoDoctor was rated the best online medical cannabis prescriber. What sets you apart?

We are extremely grateful to have over 4K five star reviews from patients. This is due to our extremely compassionate physicians, easy interface, amazing support team, and custom treatment plans. We realize the importance of making our patients feel comfortable. That’s why we try our best to go above and beyond in their medical treatment journey. Every physician, as well as team member, is extremely committed to the mission: helping make medical marijuana access easier for patients.

Can you talk a bit about your custom treatment plans?

Our treatment plans are custom tailored treatment recommendations. They are created by each patient’s physician post appointment. Our physicians base the recommendations on a patient’s medical condition, lifestyle, experience with marijuana, and more.

Why did you opt to focus your services online? What is gained, what is lost as far as patient care?

If you have a debilitating condition, the last thing you want to do is commute (for many, extremely far) to see a physician. There’s often a long wait, as well as the risk of speaking with a physician who knows very little about medical marijuana. We wanted a system that was easy and compassionate. By having our recommendation service online, patients can schedule an appointment same-day, or in advance, from the convenience of their own home. One of the best parts is we do not charge if you do not qualify. There is really no risk and no sunk costs for patients.

Is there any single group of people that you find resonate with your service more than others? Young, old, etc?

Our patients truly vary across the board. More people are starting to realize there is no "typical" medical marijuana patient. The plant is so diverse, and we see many ages appreciate the mental benefits, as well as physical.

Are there other states beyond CA, NV, NY that you plan to expand your services in the future?

We are extremely excited to have expanded into Pennsylvania at the end of May 2018!

Learn more about PrestoDoctor right here.

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