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The Best Reasons to Grow Cannabis Indoors

  • by Charles McElroy

The legal status of cannabis has fueled its acceptance as a natural wellness aid. Medical research and validation by real users have only added to its reputation. Not surprisingly, the user base is growing at an exponential pace. The good thing about cannabis is its easy accessibility, as you can buy it from a legit dispensary or online seller without much hassle. You even have the option to grow your own cannabis at home, provided you follow the state rules. Growing it indoors is a great idea, and many Americans do it. Let us give you some valid reasons to try your hand at the indoor cultivation of cannabis.

Privacy and security

Even as cannabis becomes legal in most American states, consumers prefer to use it discreetly. It also applies to growing the plant at home because you can expect neighbors to get judgmental about it. Growing indoors enables you to save your crop from prying eyes. Your neighbors cannot even detect the telltale aroma of the plant when you have it inside the house. It also keeps the plant safe from thieves who can easily steal it from the outdoor garden.

Safety from pests, bugs, and animals

Any plant you grow in your garden is susceptible to pests, bugs, and even animals. But you have less to worry about indoor cannabis, provided you follow the best practices of gardening. Your crop is relatively safe, except for the bugs that can attack them within closed spaces. Consider applying a pesticide if needed, but you can steer clear of them most times. You have an organic yield that offers the best benefits minus any risks. 

Better control

Growing indoors gives you better control over the growing environment. You need not depend on the outdoor weather elements like heat, light, and rainfall. You can control them all and create a stable habitat for the plant. You can even align them according to weed stages so that the crop gets just what it needs at a specific time. Optimal climate ensures better yield and faster harvest. It becomes even more beneficial if you live in a location where the climate is not favorable for growing cannabis. You also get to choose the soil and nutrients for the plants. You even have the choice to pick the specific strain you want to grow.

Multiple harvests

Another reason to grow cannabis inside your living space is that it yields multiple harvests. You can let the plant grow as big as you want. You decide when to harvest them, and you can even speed up the cycle with the application of nutrients. The good thing is that you can wait between harvests or start the next batch right away. Since climate control is not a big deal, you can choose any time of the year to plant the crop. Additionally, you can expect consistent crops each time, regardless of the weather conditions outdoors.  

Growing cannabis indoors requires only a basic understanding of gardening and a spot where plants can thrive. Be sure to check out the helpful grower journals and infographics here at Goldleaf to help you get started.


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