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The Cannabis Taster: A Journal For Marijuana Enjoyment

  • by Charles McElroy

Life is about experiences: some shared, some personal. We know that is a wide appeal to cannabis and are firm believers in its potential for not just medical applications, but as a safe alternative to many recreational substances. Those of us who are lucky enough to live in a forward-thinking state with legal access to cannabis have surely witnessed the successes of regulating and taxing legal cannabis. Our states are seeing economic gains from not only residents, but out-of-state tourists as well. The fact is, people are curious and generally love cannabis.

We wanted to do our part to offer some items for this crowd, and we're excited to unveil our first recreationally-focused journal. We call it The Cannabis Taster. It is a portable pocket-sized notebook for documenting your cannabis adventure. It focuses on the flavors, effects, and experience rather than the strict medical results (like our more in-depth Patient Journal). The Cannabis Taster is simpler than some of our other journals, but that is why it is so coolit allows the user to focus more on their experiences. It features 24 full spread (that's two pages) entry pagescomplete with templated and fun to use entry points, a section for writing down info about your favorite dispensaries and what products you have tried, as well as some of our classic infographics focusing on flavor.

The Cannabis Taster is a perfect companion for any cannabis tourist, enthusiast, or someone new to the whole thing. It will work with any form of cannabis: flower, concentrate, edible, or topicals. It can help you remember what cultivars or products you loved and which you didn't, and is a fun way to track your cannabis adventure.

Check it out here.

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