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A Pocket Journal for Cannabis Growers

  • by Alexis Canary

The Grow Jotter is a first-of-its-kind notebook designed specifically to be a companion in the grow space to cannabis cultivators. Often overlooked, the cannabis grower has a very specific skill set and need. Not only is The Grow Jotter incredibly helpful to document your process, but it never stops. Every cultivar has its own nutrient needs and environmental preferences. Many growers take on multiple cultivars at once and often try new ones every so often as well. It is a lot to keep straight, even for the professional grower.

Our journals aim to make that documentation process a bit easier and more enjoyable. We talked to tons of growers of all sizes to get their feedback on what is important to document and what is not. We took that insight and collaborated on a series of journals specifically designed for those needs, making daily or weekly entries easy, with templated entry pages complete with check boxes and daily insights, as well as a bunch of other helpful pages to walk you through an entire grow cycle.

Learn from your mistakes, repeat your successes, and know your grow.

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