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The Intimacy Journal: Helping You Have Better Sex On Cannabis

  • by Alfonso Colasuonno

Would you like to have lower blood pressure?

How about better heart health?

A decrease in depression, anxiety, and stress?

Better sleep sound good?

Could an enhanced immune system be useful to you?

These wellness-related “upgrades” are only a few of the medical benefits associated with a healthy sex life.

We’re all aware that cannabis can also convey numerous medical benefits, but does it pair well with your intimate life?

The answer, for many people, is a resounding yes.

Couple using the Intimacy Journal by Goldleaf

Cannabis tends to offer a variety of advantages in the bedroom, including lowered inhibitions and enhanced senses. It also combats anxiety related to intimate activities and eases pain during sex.

Goldleaf is committed to exploring the ways that cannabis can help people improve different aspects of their lives—that’s why we created The Intimacy Journal. Our latest science-forward journal was created to help you safely and comfortably integrate cannabis into your intimate life, be it for self-pleasure, within a monogamous relationship, with new sexual partners, or in kink scenes.

Goldleaf Intimacy Journal

We co-created The Intimacy Journal with leading CBD-based sexual health and wellness brand FORIA and Sophie Saint Thomas, renowned sex and cannabis journalist and author of the forthcoming Sex Witch: Magickal Spells for Love, Lust, and Self-Protection.

The Intimacy Journal is an A5-sized notebook with a refined and discreet exterior. It features 25 guided entry pages, infographics to help you discover your ideal delivery method, glossaries to brush up on your cannabis and sexual wellness-related vocabularies, a profile page to list your favorite turn ons, an entry index to easily reference past sexual explorations on cannabis, and information and advice from Sophie Saint Thomas and Kiana Reeves, Chief Education Officer at FORIA.

Goldleaf Intimacy Journal

We’re confident that if you regularly use The Intimacy Journal, you can not only increase your sense of sexual sovereignty, improve your ability to communicate your intimate likes and dislikes with partners, expand your familiarity with your body, and “un-shame” your relationship with your genitals, but also have an incredibly fun time doing so.

Curious? Have a peek inside The Intimacy Journal.

 Photography by: @Lazy.Weekday and Goldleaf


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