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What Are 12 Of The Best Cannabis Jobs That Don't Directly Involve Weed?

  • by Alfonso Colasuonno

There are numerous cannabis industry positions that do not involve handling or otherwise working with weed. Some of the best ones are digital strategy specialists, educational designers, merchandising specialists, and security guards. But you can find a variety of cannabis jobs, regardless of your skill set. 


This decade is poised to be a roaring twenties for cannabis. States, such as Rhode Island and Mississippi this year, continue to pass measures legalizing cannabis for recreational use. This now brings the total number of states with legal recreational cannabis to nineteen, plus the District of Columbia. There is a strong likelihood that federal legalization will pass at some point in the 2020s and, if not, that more states will continue to legalize cannabis.

With all this positive traction on the legality of cannabis, have you ever thought about getting into the industry?

Perhaps you’d love to work in the cannabis space, but you don’t have a green thumb. That’s OK; many jobs do not directly involve working with the plant. But we still advise you to be aware of the fundamentals. 

One of the most intelligent ways to expand your knowledge base before entering the cannabis industry is through a program like Trichome Institute's "Cannabis For All" course. This crash course will ensure that you can speak in an intelligent fashion when interviewing for your cannabis job. 

Of course, the cannabis space can be a competitive one for job seekers. If you want even more of an edge, why not prepare yourself to truly demonstrate not just your familiarity, but your expertise on all things cannabis? 

A great way to turn you from an intermediate-level cannabis wonk to full-blown cannabis expert would be a course like the "Cannabis Consultant Training" from Trichome Institute. The impression you leave in your interviews and cover letters is sure to be up to snuff after enrolling in this one!

Ready to explore your options? Here are a few of our favorite positions in the cannabis industry:


This position is great for job seekers with an attention to detail and excellent computational skills. And accountants are highly in demand by employers because of the complex financial codes and significant oversight of the cannabis industry by the government.

Salary: $44,000 - $124,000

Recommended Certifications: CPA

Recommended Degree: Bachelor’s in Accounting

Recommended Skills

    • Analytical Skills
    • Experience With Accounting Software
    • Microsoft Office

Typical Responsibilities:

    • Maintaining accurate financial records
    • Managing money
    • Navigating taxes
    • Obtaining credit
    • Processing payments

Digital Strategy Specialist

This position centers on marketing cannabis brands and businesses via the Internet.  Because of challenges with federal law in the United States, cannabis businesses are without all the traditional marketing tools available to other brands. 

Salary: $95,000 - $165,000

Recommended Degree: Bachelor’s in Communications, Marketing, or a related field

Recommended Skills:

    • Collaboration
    • Creative Thinking
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Networking
    • Photography
    • Problem Solving
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Videography
    • Writing
    Typical Responsibilities:
        • Content Writing
        • Digital Strategy Development
        • Email Marketing
        • Influencer Marketing
        • Search Engine Optimization
        • Social Media Management
        • Web Analytics

        Educational Designer

        This role centers on designing usable and attractive materials for doctors and dispensaries by taking the complex ideas of medical science and simplifying them down (kind of like what we do at Goldleaf).

        Salary: $60,000 - $100,000

        Recommended Degree: Bachelor’s in Graphic Design or a related field

        Recommended Skills:

          • Adobe Animate
          • Adobe Illustrator
          • Adobe InDesign
          • Adobe Lightroom
          • Adobe Photoshop
          • Adobe Premiere Pro
        Typical Responsibilities:
            • Conceptualizing, designing, and improving logos
            • Conceptualizing, designing, and improving marketing and advertising materials
            • Conceptualizing, designing, and improving product labels
            • Conceptualizing, designing, and improving website interfaces


            Employers in the cannabis industry have a demand for skilled electricians, particularly to handle the lighting and other electrical needs of indoor grow operations. Don't worry if you do not have experience growing weed, though, because this is one of numerous cannabis jobs that doesn't involve working with the plant itself.
              Salary: $33,000 - $97,000

                Recommended Certifications: Electrician Journeyman License

                Recommended Skills:

                    • Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair
                    • Carpentry
                    • Heating Maintenance and Repair
                    • Hydraulics
                    • Mechanical Maintenance and Repair
                    • Plumbing
                  Typical Responsibilities:
                      • Diagnosing, troubleshooting, and repairing wiring, lighting, control systems, and motors
                      • Routine maintenance
                      • Upgrading infrastructure

                      Executive Assistant

                      Just like in any other industry, executives in the cannabis space cannot make it happen alone. Thus, the need for competent executive assistants with strong administrative skills to keep things running smoothly. 

                        Salary: $38,000 - $91,000

                        Recommended Degree: Bachelor’s in Business Administration or a related field

                        Recommended Skills:

                            • Interpersonal Communication
                            • Microsoft Office
                            • Organizational Skills
                            • Time Management 
                          Typical Responsibilities:
                              • Bookkeeping
                              • Drafting business correspondence
                              • Office management
                              • Personal and business errands
                              • Research

                              Human Resources Manager

                              Although they may get a bad rap from time to time, every organization needs someone to manage human resources. If you have a knack and passion for building exceptional teams (and retaining them), this might be the position for you.

                              Salary: $68,000 - $206,000

                              Recommended Degree: Bachelor’s in Business or a related field

                              Recommended Skills:

                                  • Google Docs
                                  • Microsoft Office
                                  • Problem Analysis and Resolution Skills
                                Typical Responsibilities:
                                    • Administering benefit programs
                                    • Conducting employee training
                                    • Creating job postings
                                    • Developing and communicating HR policies, procedures, programs, and laws
                                    • Managing staff disciplinary issues
                                    • Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding employees

                                    IT Manager

                                    Cannabis may be from the earth, but the business of cannabis can be decidedly high tech, just like almost any other industry in the 21st century. The cannabis industry needs high-skilled, high-tech workers who can work through a variety of electronic challenges and open up a host of new opportunities on the digital front.

                                    Salary: $87,000 - $208,000

                                    Recommended Degree: Bachelor’s in Information Technology

                                    Recommended Skills:

                                      • Active Directory
                                      • Networking
                                      • Virtualization 
                                    Typical Responsibilities:
                                        • Analyzing and making recommendations for the improvement of current IT infrastructure and systems
                                        • Ensuring security of data, network access, and backup systems
                                        • Providing hardware, software, telecommunications, networking, and POS support
                                        • Sourcing IT equipment

                                          Marketing Director

                                          This position is a godsend for many others in the cannabis industry. Why? Because without marketing directors, there may be far fewer cannabis jobs. This role is great for anyone with a skill set in growing business among existing client bases and expanding business to new sectors.

                                          Salary: $71,000 - $208,000

                                          Recommended Degree: Bachelor’s in Business, Marketing, or a related field

                                          Recommended Skills:

                                            • Media Buying
                                            • Relationship Management
                                            • Revenue Planning
                                            • Strategic Thinking
                                            • Written and Verbal Communication
                                          Typical Responsibilities:
                                              • Developing and implementing B2B, B2C, and wholesale strategies
                                              • Establishing and maintaining relationships with influencers and key strategic partners
                                              • Evaluating market research
                                              • Overseeing brand launches

                                              Merchandising Specialist

                                              Growing business revenue isn’t always just about the plant. It also requires an awareness of other products that compliment, as well as knowledge of the audience and location. Finding what to sell, negotiating costs, and managing relationships are all essential to success in this position.

                                              Salary: $35,000 - $53,000

                                              Recommended Skills:

                                                • Collaboration
                                                • Customer Service
                                                • Innovation
                                                • Personal Shopping
                                                • Vendor Management

                                                Typical Responsibilities:

                                                  • Analyze product sales and market data
                                                  • Create product displays
                                                  • Ensure that merchandising efforts align with brand strategy
                                                  • Monitor stock inventories
                                                  • Select and purchase products that will generate revenue and increase profitability

                                                    Production Manager

                                                    Do you have experience keeping projects at or under budget? How about ensuring that new products are released on schedule? Do you have an ability to work across departments? Working knowledge in a lot of areas? Then employers might find you to be the ideal candidate for this position.

                                                    Salary: $65,000 - $176,000

                                                    Recommended Degree: Bachelor’s in Business Management or a related field

                                                    Recommended Skills:

                                                      • Leadership and Motivational Skills
                                                      • Organizational Skills
                                                      • Strategic Thinking
                                                      • Written and Verbal Communication
                                                    Typical Responsibilities:
                                                        • Assisting in staffing decisions
                                                        • Ensuring safety procedures are followed
                                                        • Ensuring the efficiency, quality, and cost-effective management of resources
                                                        • Managing supply chains
                                                        • Planning and overseeing budgets, operations, and timelines

                                                        Sales Representative

                                                        If you're excellent at B2B sales, we really recommend that you look into the cannabis industry. This position entails selling a brand's cannabis products to dispensaries and storefronts. A zeal for cannabis and a gift for passion are musts.  

                                                        Salary: $41,000 - $159,000

                                                        Recommended Skills:

                                                          • Interpersonal Communication
                                                          • Salesforce or similar CRM
                                                        Typical Responsibilities:
                                                            • Answering customer inquiries
                                                            • Offering technical support
                                                            • Preparing sales presentations
                                                            • Processing sales orders and maintaining customer information
                                                            • Providing market intelligence and customer feedback to management
                                                            • Selling products to other businesses

                                                            Security Guard

                                                            This is an essential position in nearly every dispensary or practice (either for the sake of security or because it is mandated by law). This can be a great option for veterans or ex-law enforcement. An awareness of the product and empathy with the patient is key.

                                                            Salary: $21,000 - $50,000

                                                            Recommended Degree: High school diploma or equivalent

                                                            Recommended Skills:

                                                              • Law Enforcement Training
                                                              • Military Training
                                                              Typical Responsibilities:
                                                                  • Checking in employees, visitors, vendors, and deliveries
                                                                  • Ensuring all cash is accounted for
                                                                  • Maintaining event logs from all security systems
                                                                  • Neutralizing situations with tact and common sense
                                                                  • Performing security patrols
                                                                  • Reviewing surveillance video


                                                                    Unfortunately, the cannabis industry is barred from many traditional means of advertising. But that's great news for writers because it means that they are in high demand by employers. Whether your specialty is copywriting, content writing, SEO (or, ideally, a mixture of all), there are plenty of cannabis jobs for writers. 

                                                                      Salary: $34,000 - $122,000

                                                                      Recommended Degree: Bachelor’s in English, Journalism, Communications, Marketing, or a related field

                                                                      Recommended Skills:

                                                                        • Research Skills
                                                                        • SEO
                                                                        • Writing
                                                                      Typical Responsibilities:
                                                                          • Creating marketing materials, product descriptions, email and SMS copy, and blog content
                                                                          • Editing and proofreading copy 
                                                                          Source: Redd, Luke. 2020. ‘29 Awesome Cannabis Jobs in the Fast-Growing Legal Weed Industry.’ Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities, 16 September 2020.
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