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COVID-19 Safety & Prevention

Goldleaf COVID-19 Prevention

We're in unprecedented timessomething you certainly know and have probably heard on many occasions. We know that many are getting fatigued by the constant news headlines, emails, and conversations surrounding coronavirus. For our part, we'll keep this brief, but we wanted to communicate what we are doing to keep our team and YOU safe.


We are currently able to ship most orders within our average timetable. On some occasions there have been long delays with our carriers due to high volume and their own updated safety routines. Currently, USPS is seeing the longest waits (sometimes an extra 7-10 days for Free and Standard class shipments). We are also seeing that USPS is taking up to a week to scan in new shipments due to the backlog (meaning, when you track your shipment, the status is "label created, waiting for package"). Unfortunately, this is entirely out of our power to control and we ask that you be extra patient during this time. We'll continue to do our best to keep you posted on all progress of your order.

Supply Chain

While our supply chain is struggling, like so many others, due to the changing economy, we are still operational. Any delays we've experienced are due to safety measures being put in place, such as workplace social distancing. There is a chance we may see additional delays due to supply limitation, but so far we've not had that challenge. All of our amazing partners have been diligent in their efforts to keep disruptions to a minimum while not compromising the safety of anyone.

Our Team

Goldleaf has always been a remote team. We are based all around North America and thankfully are well suited to the new "stay at home" rules. That said, it is still a struggle due to the general increase in stress and suffering local economies. We are doing our best to keep pushing forward with our work and keeping the team together. We are a small business, and while we exist within the cannabis sector, we are not a producer, so we feel the economics like many other small retail and design businesses. 

If you have any particular concerns, we're listening. If you'd like to know more about what you can do to help stop the spread of COVID-19, here is a great source.

Be well, be kind, be compassionate.
~Charles McElroy, Founding Partner