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Holiday Gift List

  • by Charles McElroy

Read below for some of our favorite cannabis-centric gift items we've come across for the season. All functional, many unique, and most beautiful. Have fun!

LEVO //  @levo_oil

LEVO I OIL INFUSER - $149.99 - Gift for Him or Her - Cannabis Cooking Enthusiast

The Levo Oil Infuser is the product Martha Stewart wishes she invented. Meet the latest and greatest game-changer when it comes to kitchen appliances. The LEVO automates the traditional method of oil infusion that’s usually messy and tedious, so that more of us can enjoy homemade wellness products and culinary creations. It allows you to infuse oil and butter with the flavors and nutrients of herbs, fruits, and other ingredients at the touch of a button. Dishwasher safe components - automatic dispensing and filtration (no more messy straining!)


ARDENT // @ardentllc

NOVA Decarboxylater - $210 -  Gift for Him or Her - Cannabis Cooking Enthusiast

Decarb herb from the comfort of your own home. Medical patients and cannabis lovers around the world are obsessed with this decarboxylater. Now you can activate the THC in your flower with just a touch of a button. Depending on the density of your flower, the NOVA can fit from ¼ to 1 oz. of flower, OR it can hold 3-5 oz. of kief (only). Is the person you’re gift hunting for tired of smoking? With the NOVA you can process your medicine at home, put into pill form, edibles, or even in your afternoon tea. Other benefits: odorless + save herb by utilizing every bit of THC with a full decarb.  


ChefSteps // @chefsteps

JOULE - $159 -  Gift for Him or Her - Grower

The world's smallest, smartest, most powerful sous vide. Perfect for sous vide novices and experts alike. It's wi-fi and bluetooth ready. Works with iPhone or Android—connect with Bluetooth alone, or cook from anywhere with wi-fi. Imagine you’re cooking a steak. You probably know exactly the color and texture—the doneness, in other words—you’d like, right? With sous vide (say “sue veed”), you simply set a pot of water to the corresponding time and temperature, and you can get that perfect doneness you desire, every time. Sous vide has been gaining popularity recently with home cooks, but professional chefs and restaurants have been relying upon it for decades. It’s like getting your steak to the doneness you desire without overcooking it.


SERRA // @shop_serra

GOSSAMER VOLUME ONE - $20 - Gift for Him or Her

A deep dive into the odd (and oddly beautiful) world of fake food by Alexandra Ilyashov, featuring the art of Doan Ly. The story of a fin-de-siècle heiress who became the unlikely patron of American paleontology by Kea Krause. A short (short!) story (of sorts) by Janicza Bravo and personal essay on not getting high on your own supply from Brett Gelman. A series of Gossamer "How Tos" by Molly Young, Man Bartlett, Julia Bainbridge, Beca Grimm, and others. A four-day exploration of Sedona, an investigation into the lifestyle book industry, activities, puzzles, and much more.


Miwak Junior®️ // @miwakjunior

SAJAMA CERAMIC PIPE - $95 - Stocking Stuffer - Gift for Him or Her

Made by using a combination of stoneware and porcelain clays. The resulting patterns from this mix are wholly unique and one-of-a-kind, like snowflakes or fingerprints. Perfect for the holidays, right?! The bowl of the pipe is hand-glazed for a non-porous, easy-to-clean surface. Miwak Pipes are fired in reduction, in a gas kiln at an extremely high fire temperature. The heat renders their pipes especially sturdy, and the reduction process creates an ever-changing array of finishes.


SERRA // @shop_serra

Pinch Pot - $35 - Gift for Him or Her

Product Description: The lovely clay Pinch Pot is the perfect size to display your happy thoughts for the day along with some fragrant flower. Handmade in Portland by Haley Ann Robinson.


Tetra // @tetra_shop

Ring Pipe - $150 - Stocking Stuffer - Gift for Him or Her

Product Description: A pipe guaranteed to get the holiday festivities started. Hand-formed in a smooth ring shape, and finished with an eye-catching blue ombré fade, it fits as nicely on your coffee table or shelf as it does in your hand. Just the thing for the smoker who has everything.


Pigeon Toe Ceramics // @pigeon_toe

STONE PIPE - $48 - Stocking Stuffer - Gift for Him or Her

Product Description: The perfectly pocket-sized Stone Pipe was designed to be a playful pun, beautiful object, and supremely functional smoking apparatus all in one. Making it the perfect gift for any cannabis enthusiast that appreciates functionality and design.   


INDA™ // @indacreations

INDA RITUAL WRAPS - $40 - Stocking Stuffer - Gift for Him or Her

Product Description: Clearing out energies with the Inda smudge wands and spreading blessings with Palo Santo to cleanse and protect your living space using the abalone shell as a bowl. Activate over a home altar to create a ritual space. An aromatic treat as incense and makes a beautiful holiday gift for anyone’s home. All ritual wraps are wrapped in hemp and include: INDA Smudge Stick, Abalone Shell Smudge Tray, Palo Santo Stick, Selenite Wand, Loose Crystal Quartz, and an INDA Strike Spark Heal Matchbook. 


Air Vape USA  // @airvapeusa

OM MINI SHORT CAP - $29.99 - Stocking Stuffer - Gift for Him or Her

Product Description: The AirVape OM Mini is a luxurious kit for upgrading the look of your disposable cartridge.  It comes with a mini battery, one cap for universal .5 gr cartridges, and has 3 changeable voltage settings.


Sweet Flag Club // @sweetflag_shop

EYELET TAMPER - $20 - Stocking Stuffer - Gift for Him or Her

Product Description: A real tool of the trade, this 24k gold-dipped brass piece does double-duty as a tamper on one end (for packing smoking material) and a cigarette holder in its circular eyelet.  You'll wonder what you did before you had it. Pro tip: keep on a long necklace so you never lose it!


Rise Relief // @riserelief

MATCHA MINT CBD CHOCOLATE (CASE OF 14 MORSELS) - $47.95 - Stocking Stuffer - Gifts for Him or Her

Product Description: Organic matcha, mint, and ginger combine forces to deliver a cool, refreshing bite infused with 25mg CBD. Remain calm and focused with Rise Relief edible “Bulletproof Matcha” at the studio or on the go.


Wooden Spoon Herbs // @woodenspoonherbs

ELDERBERRY ROSEHIP ELIXIR - $42 - Stocking Stuffer - Gifts for Him or Her

Product Description: Elderberries are famous for their immune boosting properties. They are potently antiviral and are effective against a wide range of pathogens. Wooden Spoon Herbs' delicious syrup is made of raw apple cider, vinegar, and botanicals. Take daily as an immune system tonic, or in bigger doses during an acute cold or flu.*


Barbari //

HERBAL BLEND BLEND No°2 - $25 - Stocking Stuffer

Product Description: Vitalize your mind and activate your bodies natural systems with this bright harmony of herbs blended to revive your body and inspire your mind. Blend with bud or rolling into an herbal spliff, burn as incense, steep in tea or a warm bath. Flecks of jasmine and peppermint braid throughout, bringing clarity to the mind. Inspire your creative self, settle an anxious stomach, or empower your immune system with this blend, created with intention to lift your soul and body so you can shine. Contains peppermint, jasmine flower, raspberry leaf, sage


ARDENT // @ardentllc

Caramel Apple Infusion Kit - $35 -  Gift for Him or Her - Cannabis Cooking Enthusiast

Product Description: Ardent’s all-natural, gluten-free caramel is small batch crafted on Vermont family farms. Pair with crisp apples to enjoy a simple and delicious experience utilizing the power of decarb and infusion in one. Impress and delight with this infused twist on a New England classic using just a little bit of your favorite cannabis or concentrate. Super fun gift for anyone in your life experimenting with cannabis.

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