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Boosting Your Cannabusiness Through Art & Design: Lightshade’s Story

  • by Charles McElroy


If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you understand that it’s not just the quality of your products that matter, but also their presentation.

For business owners who operate brick and mortar stores, the same rule applies to the decor of their shops.

Given the abundance of options for cannabis consumers, it’s essential that entrepreneurs separate themselves from the pack; one of the best ways to do that is through establishing an excellent overall presentation for your brand.

Lightshade’s Story

Lightshade’s CEO Steve Brooks is all in on quality. This consumer-centered approach has led Lightshade to being honored as one of the top five dispensaries in the United States by Business Insider and a “Colorado Dispensary of the Year” by Leafly.

At present, Lightshade operates multiple dispensaries in the state of Colorado. When the Lightshade team realized there was an opportunity to improve the overall aesthetic presentation of their dispensaries, one of their team members began to search online for potential avenues and discovered Goldleaf. After he informed key stakeholders about the quality of Goldleaf’s prints, the Lightshade team quickly jumped on board and approved his suggestion to purchase several custom prints to decorate their dispensaries.

Unlike many other dispensaries, Lightshade also operates three cultivation facilities, ensuring the highest-quality cannabis for their customers. Impressed by the quality of our botanical illustrations, the decision was made to approach Goldleaf with an order request for customized art prints of some of Lightshade’s favorite homegrown cultivars.

The Process

Lightshade’s team soon learned that working with Goldleaf was a smart move not only because of the quality of our customized prints, but also because of our commitment to exceptional customer service, extremely affordable price points, and the “piggyback” effects from the reach of Goldleaf’s brand.

Once we received high-resolution photos of their plants and their artistic specifications, our design team got down to work creating gorgeous illustrations for some of Lightshade’s prized cultivars. We tailored every aspect of the process to Lightshade’s needs, from the shade of the color to the thickness of the paper stock. While our designers worked on the prints, we kept Lightshade informed throughout the process. The best part? Our work did not break the bank. We handled art direction, illustration, digitization, and project management all for the cost of hiring a single designer.

Needless to say, Lightshade was impressed with every aspect of the experience. 

Lightshade x Goldleaf - custom botanical illustration

The Results

Despite the rather minuscule financial investment put forth to commission these custom prints, Lightshade reaped substantial rewards, including:

  • Positive and consistent public relations. After our transaction was concluded, Goldleaf chose to donate all profits from reproductions of these designs to Project Sanctuary, a nonprofit that helps veterans with PTSD transition back to civilian life. The press learned about this charitable gesture, and continue to write favorable articles, enhancing Lightshade’s profile and corporate image.
  • Increased traffic to their dispensaries. As a result of Goldleaf’s established brand and the blog articles and product descriptions on our website that prominently feature Lightshade, many new customers frequented Lightshade’s dispensaries.
  • Improved aesthetic presentation. Impressing customers is critical and multifaceted. With five stunning artworks of some of Lightshade’s top cultivars, their dispensaries added a valuable component to their overall customer experience.
  • Enhanced branding. After acquiring these prints, Lightshade quickly began to include these artworks in much of their marketing collateral, a demonstration of the soundness of their purchase. 

Lightshade x Goldleaf Custom Collaboration Illustration Prints


If you are a cannabis entrepreneur committed to your customers, Goldleaf’s custom art prints are an excellent way to demonstrate the value you place on your customer’s overall experience.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us with information on your custom project request and we will be in touch as soon as possible with a quote that’s affordable for nearly any budget.

We look forward to working with you!

Charles McElroy
Chief Creative & Founding Partner, Goldleaf

Additional images via WikiLeaf


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