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Artist Profile: An Interview with Nicholas Moegly

  • by Alfonso Colasuonno

We spoke with Nicholas Moegly to get the scoop on his art. Nicholas specializes in creating posters, key art, and album art for the music and entertainment industry, as well as designs for advertising, packaging, and branding. He has worked with several Grammy-winning artists, multiple Fortune 500 companies, international apparel and beverage brands, and has had his work shown in galleries around the world. 

Oregon Cannabis - Nicholas Moegly x Goldleaf

Q: Could you share a bit about your background with our readers?

A; I am an illustrator and graphic designer based in Cincinnati, Ohio who specializes in creating posters primarily for the music industry. I worked for several agencies in my career and in early 2016 I left my job and have been freelance ever since.

Q: How would you describe your illustration style?

A: I like to create quiet serene moments in my illustrations that are typically at night. Creating mood is probably my favorite thing about my style.

Q: Who are your biggest influences?

A: Really early on I was influenced by painters like Edward Hopper, who most people probably know by his piece “Nighthawks.” Now I’m mostly influenced by nighttime photography. There’s isn’t a specific artist that really inspires me right now, it’s just a collection of things found online.

Q: What is one of your favorite pieces that you've done? 

A’ My favorite illustration I’ve done is a piece called “A Buried Endeavor,” which is an art print I did this past summer.

Q: Where can our readers see it?

A: On my Instagram:

Q: You've had the opportunity to work with a diverse assortment of bands and musicians. Do you get the chance to attend many of their concerts? 

A; I’ve gone to handful of shows for the bands I work with, but unfortunately most of them are out of state from me. But I’ve seen The Avett Brothers a few times, Ray LaMontagne, The Head and the Heart, and Dave Matthews Band since I’ve worked with them.

Q: What's your favorite style of music?

A: I’m really into a style called math rock, which is typically all-instrumental complex music. Just like with art, I appreciate the technical skill that great artists and musicians have.

Q: What was your favorite aspect about collaborating with us on our "travel series" pieces for Colorado and Oregon?

A: I think illustrating and showcasing the beauty of nature is always fulfilling because there is so much natural beauty in the world and I feel like it’s getting more and more forgotten about.

Q: What drew you to work with us?

A: I’ve always loved vintage travel posters, so getting to create new versions of them is super fun.

Q: What are your thoughts on cannabis?

A: I personally don’t use cannabis or drink alcohol, but not because I’m straight edge, sober, or think it’s wrong. I just never started doing either in high school or college and just continued with not partaking. However, I think if people get positive effects from it, whether it’s for medicinal reasons or just recreationally, then that’s awesome.

View the Goldleaf x Nicholas Moegly prints in our Travel Series.

To learn more about Nicholas Moegly, please visit his website, Instagram, and Twitter.  

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