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Using Customized Cannabis Pamphlets To Benefit Your Business

  • by Charles McElroy


Simply put, I love science. Since I was young, it has been one of my greatest passions.

Case in point: When I’m jonesing for a nostalgia trip, I often turn to well-creased childhood issues of 3-2-1 Contact and VHS tapes full of Mr. Wizard’s World episodes.

In fact, this passion for science played a critical role in my founding Goldleaf. I recognized that there was a disconnect between the scientific community and the cannabis community, and much of that chasm revolved around language.

I had read all of the research that I could find on the medicinal efficacy of cannabis; however, scientific research is often perceived as difficult to comprehend. That led to much of this valuable information being ignored or misunderstood by some in the cannabis community. I was aware that this was not only detrimental to patients and caregivers, but to the wider effort to mainstream cannabis. The way forward was through presenting the science behind cannabis in a digestible fashion.

Only a few years after starting this business, Goldleaf is now one of the leading voices in disseminating the science behind cannabis. We are known far and wide in the cannabis community not only for our stunning aesthetics, but also for our thorough research and clear communication.

Your business can rely on our materials to inform your patients and customers. Best of all, you can take all the credit when you use our educational pamphlets and have them branded to your exact specifications. This strategy worked for Arder Botanicals, Lake Country CBD, and countless other businesses in the cannabis space. It can work for your business as well.

Arder Botanicals x Goldleaf Custom Cannabis Educational Pamphlet - Cannabinoids

Arder Botanicals

Nicole and Heather Lambert are the mother and daughter team behind Arder Botanicals, a company that specializes in women’s wellness products. In combination with other minerals, Arder Botanicals utilizes cannabidiol in their products because of CBD’s ability to stimulate holistic wellness.

Nicole and Heather were searching for succinct ways to educate people about cannabis. They found a solution when they stumbled upon our Pinterest. After visiting our website, the Lamberts saw an answer to their challenge in our customized educational pamphlets.

For their order, Nicole and Heather requested various tweaks to the design to best fit their brand. Naturally, the first step was swapping our logo for theirs. We also used their brand colors, integrated sacred geometry as per their request, upgraded the stock quality, and even modified the content on these pamphlets.

Now, Nicole and Heather rely on their customized order as a means of expanding their presence. The Lamberts use these pamphlets at every trade show they attend, an easy and effective way to keep their brand foremost in the minds of cannabusiness owners and other interested parties.

Were they happy with their order?

In Nicole’s own words, “The only problem we’ve had with our brochures is that people think they have to pay for them! Really though, they’re that nice. We’ve had great responses from them, had people share on [Instagram], and honestly just seem to appreciate how well put together and informative they are. I personally feel like investing in higher-end product handouts, packaging, etc. is crucial to projecting the image we want, which is invested. We’re not in this because CBD is trendy. We want to deliver the highest quality customer experience, with a lasting impression, and a solid presence that women can trust. The brochure you created for us helps us do that.”

Goldleaf Cannabis Educational Pamphlet - Delivery Methods - Custom B2B Content

Lake Country CBD

After Brett Klug’s wife Ashley was diagnosed with Lyme disease, they began to explore natural alternatives to allopathic medicine in an effort to treat her symptoms. Their research led the Klugs to explore the properties of cannabidiol. Impressed by what they discovered, Brett Klug began getting to work on opening up a space to sell hemp-derived CBD products. This vision became Lake Country CBD, a shop located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Brett takes pride in educating his customers and other interested parties on the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol. In addition to the store’s regular business hours on Wednesday through Saturday, Brett opens up Lake Country CBD for one-on-one appointments to discuss all CBD-related matters on Mondays and Tuesdays. However, even as committed as Brett is to educating his community, there is only so much one person can do in this regard. That’s what led Brett to seek a way to supplement his educational outreach.

After consulting with friends in the cannabis community, Brett heard about Goldleaf. He visited our website and learned that we do customizations. Impressed by what he saw, Brett reached out with his custom order request. For Brett’s order, our design team put Lake Country CBD’s logo front and center, changed the colors to reflect his business’ branding, and integrated his marketing collateral into the brochures.

Now, Brett Klug utilizes these custom pamphlets as a free giveaway for everyone who visits Lake Country CBD. Customers are better informed than ever before and business is booming.


If you are a business owner in the cannabis space and are seeking an affordable, quick, and authoritative method to educate your customers and patients, then consider working with us on an order of custom pamphlets. Instead of going through all the effort of hiring designers, researchers, and writers, or trying to do the work yourself, you can acquire premium quality brochures for barely more than it would take you to do it on your own (and a whole lot less than if you were to bring on new employees or contractors for the job).

Interested in learning more?

Contact us with information on your custom project request and we will be in touch as soon as possible with a quote that’s affordable for nearly any budget.

We look forward to working with you!

Charles McElroy
Chief Creative & Founding Partner, Goldleaf

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