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Cannabis Edibles Dosing: 3 Rules For Beginners

  • by Charles McElroy

Cannabis edibles have recently witnessed an uptick in popularity as users want to get a taste of the incredible experience they offer. Dispensaries across Canada report a boom in demand for these products. But as you may look forward to trying them, there can be some apprehensions about the consumption method. Even if you may have been using the herb or tinctures for years, you may still be confused about dosing cannabis in the edible form. Thankfully, achieving the optimal dose is easier than you think. Here are some basic rules that beginners should follow.

Read product labels carefully

Just like any other cannabis product, you must go through the product labels on edibles thoroughly. It gets you a fair idea about the ingredients and their potencies. It will also mention the optimal dosage for beginners. The THC content matters more because it is the psychoactive component that makes you high after a session. Ideally, beginners should start with only 1.5 to 5 mg of THC in the edible dose. You can increase it gradually, depending on your tolerance and anatomy. Calculate the amount of THC per serving to find the right quantity to start with. As a rule, a half-gram joint equals a 10 mg THC edible, so you can use the formula to calculate your ideal dose if you are transitioning from smoking to edibles.

Prioritize dispensary-made edibles when starting out

If you have excellent culinary skills, you will surely want to try cooking weed-infused edibles at home. But it may not be a great idea to cook with cannabis as a newbie because you may easily go wrong with quantities and calculations. A little more can get you too high, and a little less will simply do nothing. The best bet is to pick your edibles from a dispensary. You can explore incredible ranges at shops like wonder buds weed store and try the variants you like. If you don't live in Canada, weedmaps is a good resource to find a quality dispensary near you. Apart from having the advantage of a wide variety, you have the assurance of consuming exact dosages that deliver the desirable combination of safety and efficacy.

Start small and be patient

With weed edibles, you cannot be too sure about the outcomes. A product can produce an intense high within minutes, or it can keep you waiting for hours for the effects to set in. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for edible effects, as it varies for everyone (learn more about that here). The best approach would be to start small and gradually increase the dose as you become more comfortable with weed-infused foods and drinks. Additionally, you must practice restraint when it comes to repeat dosing. A second dose sounds tempting if the first one doesn’t seem to deliver, but taking it too early can double the effect and make the experience too heavy for beginners.

Edible dosing may sound overwhelming during the initial experiences, but you will soon understand what works for you. It is easy to achieve a safe and enjoyable experience once you nail the optimal dosage and timing for repeat servings. So listen to your body and learn from your experiences, and you will surely achieve the feat sooner than you expect.

Be sure to track your edible experience in a journal like the Cannabis Taster or Patient Journal to capture what works and what doesn't.

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