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How To Be A Cannabis Adventurer And Remember Everything

  • by Alexis Canary

Let me start by saying I’m not a Colorado native. I have however enjoyed visiting the state regularly since college for various nature-related adventures-- this was long before legal cannabis entered the picture. Once it had, I found that I didn’t really recognize the new hot spots or know how to interact with this new industry. I’m sure that many cannabis tourists feel the same intimidation-- not only are there dispensaries everywhere, but there are more varieties of cannabis products than a visitor might expect.

Since this is still a young industry with plenty to prove, and my sensory overload sentiments are not uniquely mine, I was happy to find that most budtenders are exceedingly approachable, knowledgeable and kind.

They clearly know that service matters and first impressions are everything. They also seem to share a genuine desire to guide visitors through their journey and ensure they have pleasant experiences. As a cannabis lover, it is always hard to only buy a single product at any given dispensary. I feel compelled to be a good customer and validate the budtender’s efforts, and moreover, I’m not used to choice and have an urge to try damn near everything. The downside here is that I can’t possibly sample everything that looks interesting on my short trips to these cities. I’m looking for a unique and positive experience rather than a quick or toneless high.

As you might expect, I was quick to experience decision paralysis as I saw the variety in not only flower but edibles and concentrates.

I hadn’t considered the latter option since I flew into Denver and didn’t own a dab rig-- nor would I feel comfortable flying with one if I did. The solution for visitors to legal states wishing to try the growing concentrate offerings is inexpensive and somewhat disposable vapes that are widely available. The real challenge as a tourist, however, is keeping track of what you have purchased and from where (assuming you are like me and want to visit multiple locations and sample more than one item from each). You’ll want to have context days later and you might not have the original bags or packaging.

A simple solution is to track your acquired items and visited dispensaries in by utilizing a travel journal. Goldleaf makes something perfectly suited for this application that they call the Cannabis Taster. It is designed for the recreational cannabis adventurer, connoisseur, and tourist and takes much of the guesswork out of recording your experience. The journal starts with templated pages to enter in details about your ‘purveyor’ (aka dispensary, co-op, grower, etc.), including contact info, what products you picked up, and how you’d rank them. The next section includes the fun-to-fill-out taste test entry pages.  Guided, intuitive, and seemingly inspired in-part by coloring books with areas to bubble and shade if you so desire (which I do!).

The Cannabis Taster Log Book by Goldleaf

The focus of each entry is the ‘experience’ rather than the strict medicinal attributes (which is handled by the more thorough and clinical Patient Journal). I found that by keeping the spotlight on the ‘experience’, I could really enjoy my senses and slow down enough to embrace the flavors and effects more completely. These journals also include some helpful infographics that detail where the cannabis flavors originate, and how to seek out cultivars with the flavors you most enjoy. This content is all wrapped up in a pocket-sized, portable, and discrete notebook that feels high-quality and luxurious in your hand.

As a connoisseur, I love to note what products I’ve tried as I travel around. All ‘Blue Dream’ cultivars are not created equal, and keeping a log of my favorite purveyors, genetics, and products is not only a helpful tool for repeat visits, but it helps me recall some amazing experiences, one by one. I think it is an essential addition for anyone from, or traveling to, a legal state who wishes to fully appreciate this exciting legal cannabis world.

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