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Stuff We Like: Potli & Helping Honey Bees

  • by Alexis Canary

I was introduced to Potli in mid-2018 by a friend (ahem, Haiikuu). As a horticultural nerd, I’ve always been fascinated by the unique role bees (and other pollinators) play in our ecosystem and was really excited to learn of the unique infusions Potli was creating.  As you might have guessed, their flagship product is cannabis-infused raw honey (though their line of products continues to grow). They pretty much check all the boxes of a great company: locally sourced, organic, full-spectrum extractions, gorgeous design and a touch of social action (which is one of my favorite parts).  

Potli Infused Honey - Stuff We Like by Goldleaf

Most people have probably heard of "colony collapse" and the threats that bee populations face. It is scary stuff considering that without bees, there is no fruit or many other essential crops. Potli proudly donates proceeds from their honey to create new, safe and sustainable hives to help nurture their local bee population. Another amazing reason to give them a try.

After getting to know their team a bit, we thought it would be fun to collaborate on an educational print. Something culinary-inspired and something that helps lend some insight into a commonly misunderstood topic: Decarboxylation. This phenomenon is a something that happens in nature (with time), but can be expedited with the help of a little heat. "Decarbing" cannabis to prepare it for cooking or consumption isn't a binary thing. There are nuances (because of course there are) and depending on the time and the temperature, you will get very different results. While working with the Potli team and our friends at Haiikuu, we came up with a clean and helpful infographic that paints a colorful picture of all the chemical possibilities when doing the decarboxylation process on your own. You can view the chart & more details here.

Decarb Cannabis Timeline Print by Goldleaf, Potli & Haiikuu

I was able to sit down with Christine Yi, Creative & Marketing Director of Potli to talk more about their products and plans for the future.

What do you like about honey?  

It's nature's sweetener! I love that it's a healthier, more nutritious ingredient to add a little sweetness to our foods. Honey is naturally soothing, anti-bacterial, and full of antioxidants. But there's a lot of fake honey out there made of dilutions or syrups, which just makes me appreciate all natural honey and all of its medicinal properties even more. I love that it also has its own distinct flavor that adds a little depth to the flavor profile of your foods while being versatile enough to go along with everything!

What is unique about a honey-based cannabis infusion?

In ancient ayurvedic medicine, raw honey is actually considered "yogavahi" or catalyst, a powerful way to deliver herbal medicines to the deepest layers of the body, making it the perfect vehicle for all the amazing medicinal benefits of cannabis. We recommend not heating our honey too much to retain this classification. Cannabis and honey together is the ultimate comfort food due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, pain relieving, and soothing properties.

What are your concerns about the declining bee populations, why should everyone be concerned?

30% of our food supply and 90% of our world's wild vegetation is made possible by bee pollination, but pollution, lack of habitats, pesticides, and climate change have all led to declining bee populations. This should alarm us for a few obvious reasons, including risks to the biodiversity of bee populations and thus the biodiversity of our crops, risks to our own food supply, but also the growing need for genetically modified foods that may grow more effectively without the help of our bee friends! If we don't protect these amazing creatures we're only doing more harm to ourselves and our planet in the long term. At Potli we develop new hives and habitats for bees as our production grows, who in turn promote wildlife in the surrounding area.

What's next for Potli?

2018 has been a tremendous year of growth for Potli. It's hard to believe that a year ago we could count the number of stockists we had on one hand, did not have an e-commerce presence, did not have a hemp-CBD option for our clients, nor were we operating under the name Potli! We can't wait to share what we have in store for 2019. We definitely hope to grow our product categories to become your premier cannabis pantry brand, and are launching something to spice up your life very soon! We also want to continue building out our community, meeting customers, other kick-ass people in the cannabis space, and like-minded souls on the search for wellness and peace!

You can learn more about Potli and their infused honey and new infused Olive Oil on their site or on Instagram.  View the collaboration art print on Decarboxylation (co-created by Haiikuu Design) right here.

Photos via Potli


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