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New Fall Journals: The Cooking Journal & The CBD Jotter

  • by Hannah Reed

We've been busy at the Goldleaf workshop, and we're excited to announce two new flagship journals to our line of science-forward cannabis notebooks.

First up is a new Cooking Journal.

It is an A5 size and focused around tracking your cannabis culinary experiments. It comes with templated entry pages (one set for infusion recipes and a set for traditional recipes), helpful tips on decarboxylation and best practices, formulas for understanding potency and doses and a series on terpene flavor pairings (with contributions from Jamie Evans, The Herb Somm and gorgeous botanical illustrations). It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook with cannabis and wants to further hone their craft. Plus, we worked with some top chefs in the cannabis space to bring you some of their favorite recipe recommendations!  With contributions from: Cat Cora, Jason Eisner, Chef Brandon Allen, Monica Lo, and Kyrious. These add-ons will be available with each journal.

A peak inside the Cooking Journal by Goldleaf

Beet Salad Recipe Card - Cat Cora & Goldleaf

Next is our frequently requested CBD-focused medical journal.

This is a pocket-sized A6 and in many ways is an extension of our popular Patient Journal. The main difference is that the CBD Jotter takes a thorough focus on CBD products (widely legal and available in the USA and elsewhere). It has templated entry pages geared toward the use of CBD concentrates, edibles, & topicals and sections on understanding doses and the important differences in potency, quality, and sourcing. This journal is a great fit for anyone who uses over-the-counter CBD products to treat their ailments and wishes to better hone their dosing and understanding. With contributions from Rosebud CBD.

A peak inside the CBD Jotter by Goldleaf

Both journals will be available for pre-order beginning November 1st, with an expected ship date of November 19th. 


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