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7 Fun 420 Party Ideas

by Adan Perez on

Looking to throw a memorable 420 party? Check out these creative ideas for a fun and festive celebration that your guests will love.

Book List: What Are Our 9 Favorite Cannabis Cookbooks?

by Alfonso Colasuonno on

Although there are quite a number of cannabis cookbooks on the market, not all are worth your time and money. We believe these nine titles represent the pinnacle...

How To Throw A Cannabis-Themed Party This Year

by Charles McElroy on

With cannabis getting into the realm of legality nationwide, access is easier than ever. The growing awareness about the wellness benefits is another reason for the plant's hype. Not...

The Best Cannabis Culinary Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020

by Charles McElroy on

The world of cannabis continues to expand and one of the new frontiers is food (yeah!). The innovations and new creations coming out of 2019 are super impressive...

Chef Highlight: Brandon Allen

by Hannah Reed on

The theory: A human body’s ultimate state is achieved through a combination of nutritional ketosis and cannabis supplementation. That’s exactly what first-ever High Times Top Cannabis Chef Brandon...

Culinary Highlight: Jamie Evans, The Herb Somm

by Charles McElroy on

Jamie Evans is not your typical sommelier, but typical isn’t a word that fits into Evans’ descriptive vocabulary. After spending over ten years in the business and connoisseurship of...

Chef Highlight: Kyrious

by Charles McElroy on

Curiosity and charisma are just two of many fun and inspiring descriptive words you can use for Chef Kyrious. Her view that certain foods vibrate on a higher...

Chef Highlight: Cat Cora

by Charles McElroy on

The first female to prevail on Iron Chef America circa 2005, Cat Cora has broken through many male-dominated barriers to bring the best in culinary experience, from television...

Chef Highlight: Monica Lo, Sous Weed

by Charles McElroy on

You may be familiar with the sous vide (pronounced sue veed) method of cooking: if not—it’s pretty simple—don’t worry. However, if you’ve used the more contemporary “sous weed”...

Cooking With Cannabis: New Journal & Recipe Cards

by Charles McElroy on

Our latest addition to our science-forward cannabis journal collection is now available! The Cooking Journal: A Cannabis Culinary Companion The new journal focuses entirely on the culinary arts; it's...