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Stuff We Like: Sativa Science Club

  • by Charles McElroy

At Goldleaf, we're all about education. We love to learn and love finding new and creative ways to communicate information. That is why we're so stoked to know Mary J Poppins, principal at Sativa Science Club, and fellow science fanatic. Her organization champions education and offers their expert services in a variety of ways: social outreach, classes, and even physical materials. We recently sat down with Mary to learn a bit more about her organization and her take on the industry...

What is the mission and goal of Sativa Science Club (SSC)?

MP: Sativa Science Club is a grassroots education initiative on a mission to dispel harmful myths, replace them with evidence-based facts, and bridge the gap between cannabis businesses and their surrounding communities. The goal is to encourage curiosity and provide a place where industry experts and cannabis enthusiasts can converge to share ideas, participate in citizen science efforts, and lead the change. My sincere hope is that anyone who participates in our online or on ground membership will emerge as a highly educated cannabis advocate.

With all the cannabis businesses out there, why did you choose to focus on 'education'?

MP: Sativa Science Club is very much a model of social entrepreneurship. This is a means of influencing a shift in the way that people think about holistic health and herbal medicine. I firmly believe that education is the most impactful way to accomplish this end. Even when things get tough, I know that I can pour everything I am into this and never have to wonder if I'm wasting my energy or time. It's the ideal blend of career and lifestyle.

Where do you see the biggest knowledge gap when it comes to cannabis; what are common misconceptions you have to correct?

MP: I'd say the first step is to establish that there is much more to the picture than THC. If we can get everyone onboard with the concept of cannabinoids and terpenes working together to create an effect, clients will have a much easier time selecting the flower that is right for them. That's why journals like yours are so important. This kind of informed trial and error opens the door for people to take health into their own hands.

What is SSC getting into next? What is on the horizon?

MP: It feels like every day there is something new! This summer we launched the Terp Table. Be on the lookout for our ambassadors at dispensaries across Oregon and California. At this interactive booth, customers get a chance to engage with individual terpene isolates and earn prizes for memorizing their medicinal effects. We've got some great workshops in production and we've just received fiscal sponsorship making all donations to our initiative tax deductible. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at to stay in the loop. 

Photos by Jennifer Skog, MJ Lifestyle Magazine

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