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Broccoli Magazine Ikebana Print Series

  • by Alexis Canary

We're thrilled to announce a new collaborative print series with our friends at Broccoli Magazine.

This limited edition series features three unique cannabis-themed floral arrangements done in the traditional Japanese fashion called "Ikebana" or "Kadō."

Ikebana translates to "giving life to flowers" and is a rich artistic tradition that dates back to 600 AD. Beginning as offerings at altars, this meticulous craft of botanical arrangement grew in popularity and became a common fixture in Japanese homes. Today, there are thousands of schools throughout Japan and abroad that teach this traditional artistic practice.

Broccoli x Goldleaf Ikebana Cannabis Print Series

This gorgeous photo series was created by Broccoli Magazine and was featured prominently in their iconic first issue (a few copies are still available here). From the start, we were drawn to the soft colors, long flowing elements, and calculated arrangement of cannabis with other complimentary plants. Above all, the works are beautiful and show another side to the cannabis species that isn't often witnessed.

View the full series here.

Original floral design by Amy Merrick, photographed by Anja Charbonneau.

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