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Thread Binding: Notebook Simplicity & Style

  • by Alexis Canary

We're a little obsessive here at Goldleaf. We care deeply about the little things and can't really find comfort if everything isn't just right. When it came to developing our notebookswe considered many build options. After months of sampling and prototyping, we settled on a somewhat uncommon binding style for most of our flagship notebooks: thread binding.

The Thread Binding Style

Thread binding is a relatively simple process, but it needs to be done by skilled hands and the right equipment. The pages of the journal are printed in spreads, ordered and oriented just right, and then sewn together via an industrial machine. Finally, the work is folded in half and the finishing touches are made (rounded corners, embossing, etc.). 

It isn't a super common way of doing things, but it does give us a few advantages. For one, it is durablemuch more durable than glue (a la "perfect binding" or "case bound"). It also lets us utilize soft cover options, which we prefer as they are a little more portable, versatile, and lightweight. Plus (a big plus), it always lays flat when opened. Finally, and not to be overlooked, is the clean yet industrial aesthetic. The personality is rather unique, and as they wear, they show their age—and we dig that.

You can view more of our thread-bound notebooks right here.

The Goldleaf Thread Binding


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