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7 Cannabis-Inspired Items Without the Plant

  • by Charles McElroy

If you're looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for the cannabis-lover in your life, we've got you covered. Before we dive in, we should assert that buying cannabis products themselves as gifts can be a slippery slope. Unless you know the specific preferences, resilience and ECS (Endocannabinoid System) of the individual, your good intentions may end up giving them a bad experience. Trust me, I know from experience.

Instead of gifting the plant itself, here's 7 unique companion items that will certainly click into the lifestyle of any cannabis aficionado (and keep you in the clear from inadvertently overdoing it).

Hemp coffee

Hemp Coffee

A flavorful hot drink, hemp-based coffee alternatives are becoming more popular and offer a unique nutty and earthy flavor. It is also more sustainable than coffee and better for your gut. A right of passage any cannabis-lover will enjoy. Oh, and this brew by Artizan is organic and fair-trade.

Nice Stash Jars

Super-nice Stash Jars

Most people still keep their flower in baggies or the mixed vessels sold by dispensaries. Some of these are ok, but none of them offer the ideal conditions desired by your flower. Try a stash jar that protects from UV light, is air tight, all-glass, discreet looking and even offering humidity control.

Patient Journal by Goldleaf

The Patient Journal

We're plugging one of our own here, but it really is something novel and helpful. The Patient Journal is a first-of-its-kind and highly acclaimed cannabis therapy journal designed to help folks better understand their bodies response to various cannabis products. It is also a joy to fill out!

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs!

From Dr. Hempster, an essential oil bath bomb gift set is an amazing pre-build gift option. They hydrate, moisturize and relax. Utilizing organic hemp and coconut oils, these pups are handmade in the USA and always a good time (in your bath).

Pipe and Mug Combo

Mug x Pipe Combo Vessel

For those who also love coffee (or hemp coffee!), this is a one-stop morning cup complete with a built-in pipe and capable of still holding a cup of joe. All ceramic with some serious starry character.

Cannabis artwork by goldleaf

Tasteful Cannabis Artwork

Getting art as a gift can be tough since you never know if the colors will work for your recipients style. However, we've got some pretty universal options that utilize clean pallets and minimalist vibes. The Richard Neville Quote Print is among our fav. It goes well anywhere and is a constant reminder of those who fight the good fight. Who wouldn't love that?

Odor Removing Candle

Odor Removing Candle

If for some reason you DON'T enjoy the aroma of cannabis (or the residual scent), this candle might be your secret weapon. It assists in masking the smell of combusted herb while imparting a tasteful aroma all of its own. Our favorite is the Lavender option :-)

If you're interested in more gift ideas, check out our home decor gift list.


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