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How To Throw A Cannabis-Themed Party This Year

  • by Charles McElroy

With cannabis getting into the realm of legality nationwide, access is easier than ever. The growing awareness about the wellness benefits is another reason for the plant's hype. Not surprisingly, more and more recreational and medicinal consumers are keen to join the bandwagon. If you are already a regular, you will might want to integrate cannabis into fall festivities this year. Think beyond indulging alone, and plan a cannabis-themed dinner party to have a great time with like-minded friends. Here are some tips for planning a 420-friendly get-together this fall.

Handpick Your Guest List

Party prep starts with getting your guest lists ready, but you must go the extra mile with a cannabis get-together. Despite the legality of these products, you must abide by the regulations regarding the legit age of the consumers. Ensure that your guests are of age to be on the right side of the law. Choosing individuals with similar experience levels is also a good idea. But you may invite a few newbies, provided you can commit to looking after them during the event.

Choose a Comfortable Venue

The best venue to host a cannabis event is likely your home because you need not worry about the guests driving to and from after the party. In fact, you can plan for a sleepover to keep everyone on the safe side. Set sleeping arrangements by laying mattresses in the living room or elsewhere. Since the temperature is not alarmingly low, you could even host the event in your backyard and plan to camp. But remember to be discreet as the neighbors may not appreciate smoke, smell, and noise. 

cannabis infused cooking journal

Pick a Menu for Everyone

Choosing the menu is perhaps the most exciting part of hosting a 420-friendly party. But you must do it carefully, considering everyone's preferences. Cooking infused edibles at home is a great option (we’ve got a journal for that), but not everyone has the culinary expertise to cook for a gang. If that is the case, you can order cannabis-infused condiments (Potli makes some excellent honey and olive oil infusions) or full-fledged edibles from brands like boost edibles (Canada) or THC Living (Arizona and California). Availability will depend on your state/country of course but do your homework and you will be able to find good options.

Alternatively, you could consider a potluck where every guest can bring an infused dish. Just make sure you are confident about the potency to avoid overconsumption (and a bad time) by your guests. 

Think Beyond Cannabis

While you probably have cannabis on top of your mind, think beyond to make the evening fun for your guests. Arrange music, dance, and games to keep them entertained. You can even plan a treasure hunt or set up an outdoor projector for a movie night. Focus on the enjoyment part, and go low and slow with cannabis while you have a good time with your gang.

Maybe Skip the Alcohol

Another valuable piece of advice to plan a cannabis event for fall festivities is to skip the alcohol (or deprioritize it). Remember that alcohol and cannabis do not blend well for most adults, and it is easy to go over the top by consuming them together. You can opt for non-alcoholic beverages like iced tea, fresh juices, and sparkle water instead of beer and wine for the occasion. You might even experiment with cannabis-infused beverages.

An evening with cannabis can take fall festivities to the next level. Follow these simple tips to host the best one for like-minded besties. 

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