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Pocket Infographics: A Few Things About Cannabis Quality

  • by Charles McElroy

When you think about cannabis and cannabis products, the focus is normally on the potency, flavor, cannabinoid mixture and other factors immediately measurable. However, the origin of your cannabis plays a large part in those factors, and understanding those components is something that isn't always straightforward.

Cannabis has the potential to tell a much more interesting story, akin to that of wine or scotch-- details matter to those who care (and many do!).

Our latest batch of infographic reference cards starts to weave this "back story" of cannabis and discuss the many pieces that go into the cultivation and thus final quality. Learning about the terroir, grow style, unique biology, and even the environmental impact are all important chapters in the narrative lifecycle of grown cannabis.

After all, cannabis is grown in many places and those unique environmental factors make a difference. Many communities see their cannabis farms as a potential tourist magnet - much like the bourbon belt is to whiskey and Napa Valley is to California wine. The fact is, people love to geek out on the minute details of cannabis cultivation. After all, those small details vastly affect the chemical integrity and unique makeup of any cannabis product.  

This series of infographic cards show some of these factors and give users a picture of some of the things to consider when they are shopping around or visiting a new state.

Environmental effects on cannabis

View the full deck here

This project was lovingly researched and designed in collaboration with Farmhouse Artisan Market and Haiikuu Design.

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