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Chef Highlight: Brandon Allen

  • by Hannah Reed

The theory: A human body’s ultimate state is achieved through a combination of nutritional ketosis and cannabis supplementation.

That’s exactly what first-ever High Times Top Cannabis Chef Brandon Allen has set out to prove. The professional chef, certified interpener and cannabis educator has made it his personal mission to marry the art of healthy cooking with the benefits of cannabis. The proof is in his recipes like the cannabis-infused Limonene Chimichurri Sauce that can be found within the Goldleaf Recipe Card deck.

Chimichurri recipe cards

Allen’s love for cooking began when the then-vegan worked as the lead chef at his mother and stepfather’s pizza and sandwich shop in Pennsylvania, where he was asked to develop an all-vegan menu for the restaurant. The task sparked his love for the culinary arts and he resorted to filling any free time he had with self-education.

By the time he was enrolled in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Allen’s enthusiasm and research had encouraged him to leave the vegan diet behind as he began to embrace a wide variety of cuisines. His desire for culinary growth eventually resulted in him creating his own apprenticeship with a Master Chef on the Olympic Culinary Team while he earned his Associates of Culinary Arts Degree.

But it wasn’t until Allen suffered a back injury that he was led to his claim to fame. In an attempt to reduce inflammation and ease pain, he began following the Ketogenic diet. And while the lifestyle change worked wonders, he was still suffering occasional flare-ups. Enter cannabis -- Allen had discovered that the Ketogenic way of eating in combination with cannabis supplementation granted him a sense of pill-free relief he never thought possible.

And just like his spark of enthusiasm in the culinary industry kicked off, so did his interest in the Endocannabinoid System. He quickly became a certified Interpener at Trichome Institute in Denver, learning how to examine and evaluate cannabis quality and determine its psychotropic effects. He then applied his newfound knowledge to his love for cooking and began crafting his Keto-friendly cannabis-infused creations -- which you can watch come to life in real time on his YouTube channel.

View more details & recipes on Instagram or Brandon's site.
Photo via YouTube

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