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Chef Highlight: Cat Cora

  • by Charles McElroy

The first female to prevail on Iron Chef America circa 2005, Cat Cora has broken through many male-dominated barriers to bring the best in culinary experience, from television to print to educational settings.

With 18 restaurants worldwide, Cora is a universally renowned chef with culinary roots that go deep into her Greek/Southern upbringing.

Her first cookbook, Cat Cora’s Kitchen, revolved around those family traditions, while her following two cookbooks, Cooking From The Hip: Fast, Easy, Phenomenal Meals and Classics With a Twist: Fresh Takes on Favorite Dishes focused on even broader audiences, with using what’s in the pantry and making it delicious as her second book’s theme and her third focusing on putting a new spin on classic household dishes.

Iron Chef wasn’t Cora’s first television foray. She started making culinary headlines in 1999 as co-host of the Food Network’s “Melting Pot” and went on to host and co-host other cooking programs where her reputation was built up and up on solid ground. Her finesse with flavor and her focus on culinary education sets her apart from the many many other chefs in her class.

Cat Cora, cooking with cannabis

In 2006, Cora had the honor of receiving Bon Appetit Magazine’s “Teacher of the Year Award” and became Executive Chef of the magazine. Now she also holds the unique position of being the first female chef inducted into The American Academy of Chefs Culinary Hall of Fame. As she bursts through glass ceilings, Cora makes sure to bring her audience with her in the way of education.

Whether it be her meticulous yet simple directions to achieve a palatable heaven held within the pages of her cookbooks, her lauded TV appearances, the things she instructs in the kitchens of her own restaurants, or the recipe for Beet Salad with Tangerine-CBD Vinaigrette available in our Cooking Journal or as a recipe card, Cora’s creative ways make learning a new dish exciting, both for the home chef and for their lucky diners.

Cora herself is continuously on a mission to learn new things and the CBD dressing is just one way that she’s spreading her vast wings in mainstream cooking. Using cannabis as an ingredient has become normalized for this famous chef. And she continues to be a relevant leader in her industry and mainstream media as well as a respected chef around the world, and not just for her Midas touch in the kitchen.

Beet Salad Card Recipe

As an active philanthropist, health and fitness leader, lifestyle guru, devoted partner, and proud mother of six, Cora’s commitment to making the best out of life is infectious. Her healthy approach to living as a mother, chef, example of wellness, and with her enthusiasm for it all, her larger than life personality shows through both on TV and in her very real day to day life. Her ability to have struck this balance is as impressive as her resume.

To learn more about Cora in the kitchen, visit her site where you’ll find she’s generously shared some of her favorite appetizers like Greek-style nachos, cool and refreshing cocktails, savory soups, main dishes, and more. Look forward to more CBD and cannabis-based recipes to come out of Cora’s culinary arsenal. She’s already created some creative takes on infused foods, and they go far beyond the brownie. Though if she were to make a cannabis brownie, it would probably win an award or at least be a delight to all senses...


by Mary Schumacher
Photos via CannabisNow

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