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Chef Highlight: Kyrious

  • by Charles McElroy

Curiosity and charisma are just two of many fun and inspiring descriptive words you can use for Chef Kyrious.

Her view that certain foods vibrate on a higher level with the body whole is overtly apparent in her attitude toward life and lifestyle as much as toward food and what it can really do. Cooking has been part of her journey since childhood, where her German grandma used hearty, simple ingredients in her cooking and nurtured her granddaughter’s burgeoning passion.

Kyrious Portrait

Good German food wasn’t what little Kyrious was exactly into, though, no matter how much she loved being in the kitchen with Grandma. As she grew into a young woman, body image and dieting turned her life upside down and she went through a series of eating disorders before she was introduced to her calling. As a graduation present, Kyrious went on a Kindred Spirit retreat on Maui that would change her life and the way she looked at herself and at food as nourishment forever and helped her make the leap to self-love in the process.

Utterly transformed, her butterfly spirit wanted nothing more than to share the feeling of truly being alive both inside and out with the world. That was 2009; in 2015 she graduated from Portland State University with a degree in public health focused on community health education that was in line with her passion to nourish. She then went on to attend the school of Integrative Nutrition to become a true holistic health coach.

Healthy wellness choices, like participating in yoga and Reiki, became part of her life and teaching, as did cannabis, which she incorporates into recipes like the Elevated Green Goddess Dressing & Salad, featured in the Goldeaf recipe card set. On the Kyrious website, the health guru states that, “My mission for Kyrious is to empower and educate others about the elements needed to heal themselves. I hope in time you too become just as curious as me about food, wellness, travel, natural beauty and plants.”

Elevated Green Goddess Dressing Card

It’s this elevated mindset and mission that led us to seek out her contribution. The deep sincerity of her mission to heal via food and lifestyle choices are in complete alignment with a vision of wellness. Her singular mission of creating foods that bring bodies back into a homeostatic state is ever individualized from client to client and as a health coach Kyrious soars as high as she does in cooking up magic in the kitchen.

Elevated Green Goddess Dressing

Don’t think that cake and other goodies are out of the Kyrious wheelhouse. This is a woman who learned the very hard way that the only way to thrive is to strike balance in life, which includes counting blessings, not calories. She silences negative self-talk both in herself and in her clients and believes that self-imposed restrictions or especially starvation is out of the health equation and question.

Currently, Kyrious consults with her clients either weekly or bi-weekly to concoct a nutritional, supplemented lifestyle plan to suit each individual’s needs. Her work with cannabis as both an ingredient and a supplement further brings her into the wellness realm, where this Kyrious chef and life coach has found her niche.


by Mary S.

Photo credit: Kyrious


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