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Pairing Different Strains with Coffee Flavors

by Adan Perez on

Discover how to pair coffee and cannabis for a unique and delightful experience. Learn about different combinations and flavors to elevate the way you use coffee and cannabis.

Coffee Lover's Gift Guide of 2023!

by Adan Perez on

Awaken your senses with our curated guide to the best coffee gifts of 2023. Explore a rich blend of flavors and discover unique coffee accessories that elevate your...

International Coffee Day: Sip, Savor, and Support Sustainable Coffee

by Adan Perez on

Celebrate International Coffee Day with Goldleaf! Sip, savor, and support sustainable coffee practices. Dive into the world of exquisite coffee blends, learn about sustainable sourcing, and elevate your...

How Coffee Beans Make Their Way To Your Home: Follow the Journey From Farm To Cup

by Adan Perez on

Ever wondered how your favorite coffee beans make their way to your home? Delve into the journey of coffee, from cultivation to your cup, with Goldleaf. Explore the...

8 Fun Facts About Coffee (Coffea arabica)

by Charles McElroy on

We all love interesting tidbits of knowledge, especially when the facts in question are surprising and novel. We recently partnered with a fellow design group called Fun Fact...

6 Gifts For People Who Love Coffee

by Alfonso Colasuonno on

This post showcases seven gifts that are must haves for coffee lovers.  The holidays are upon us. We all know what that means: It’s time to find some amazing gifts...

Once And For All—Is Coffee Good For You?

by Alfonso Colasuonno on

Research indicates that drinking coffee is beneficial for most people in most situations. The few negative effects connected with it are outweighed by the number and significance of...

What Is The Most Expensive Coffee In The World?

by Alfonso Colasuonno on

The most expensive coffee in the world is Black Ivory coffee from Thailand, which is priced at approximately $550 per pound. Right behind Black Ivory coffee is Guatemala’s...

Best 3 Ways To Brew Coffee Like A Pro

by Alfonso Colasuonno on

Today, there are more ways than ever before to make a cup (or several cups) of coffee from the comfort of your own home. But you wouldn’t want...

10 Coffee Quotes from Successful Creatives

by Alfonso Colasuonno on

Jimi Hendrix and Purple Haze cannabis. James Dean and Chesterfield unfiltered cigarettes. Hunter S. Thompson and Wild Turkey bourbon. It’s no secret that substances of various kinds have...